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Published on Sep 13, 2017


We have already spoken of the repository Kodi, are a simple means by which the add-ons that we love so much, can be easily distributed and kept up to date. We have also already written an article with the best repository for foreigners to Kodi but now is the time to turn our gaze to the Italian solutions, which contain the addon developed in our country.

So here's a quick description of the best repository of the Italian.

By the developer and from the team that gave us the great Stefano Addon, here is his repository, which contains not only the addon team, but also the updated versions of the best addon Italian.

The installation is really easy just download this zip file and run the installation as if it were a simple addon ( if you do not remember some passages, we have our quick guide).

For those who have problems to use the zip file (so it is on iOS) Stefano repository is also located on the ABA repo which we will talk about.

From the team Evil king another great repo, with the inside not only addon Italian but also foreign ones, preparatory to the proper functioning of the Evil King ( in fact the ones that install quickly, Evil Installer).

The installation is a real no-brainer download this zip file and run the installation as if it were a regular addon ( if you do not remember some passages, we have our quick guide).

Also in this case, if you have difficulty using the zip file even Evil King Repository is located on the ABA repo.

It contains a large number of addons, not just italians, many of the solutions listed is the one with the most addon and repo. It is very useful for those who have difficulty in using the files in the zip to install the addon (typically use Kodi on iOS).

The installation is different from the above solutions, because strictly speaking this is not a real repository but a remote target (in practice it changes very little, Abarepo does not use the structure of the repository Kodi).

Installing on Kodi 17:

Installing on Kodi 16 and SPMC:

To install an addon from the ABA repo is simple and the procedure is virtually identical to that of the installation of a zip file, abarepo behaves like a folder.

It was a great repository containing a lot of material concerned, the report for duty of chronicle. Unfortunately you will not find it in the form of a zip file, into the Aba repo. If you find his package and it still works please let us know in the comments and mandatecelo.

Our post on the best repository of the Italian Kodi has arrived at the end let us know with a comment if you use them and if we forgot some important exponent. Follow us also via our social channels Facebook and Twitter.

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