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Published on Mar 29, 2018

The PlayStation VR has been launched for a little over a year and the most interesting titles to play are on the rise. In this study we are going to list and describe those games that, in our opinion, deserve to be tried with the VR.

Draw up a list of the best games for PS4 VR, it is not easy, in view of the nature little homogeneous of titles VR. We will limit ourselves, therefore, to provide a list motivated than those who according to us are the best games on the platform.

If you have not yet PSVR and want to buy it, I often find it on sale with a big discount on Amazon, on Amazon you can also find the complete kit that also includes the room of the PS Move.

After this brief clarification of methodology, we can go to the list:

A title that can not miss in a post like this, is the survival horror game by Capcom. The manufacturer has been able to reinvent the series, and the new title was a success. Take on the role of the ill-fated Ethan in search of his wife, in the big and scary mansion is an experience in VR live. Despite the slight downgrade chart to the sense of immersion is strong, playing in first person makes it all the more vivid and terrifying.

The game is already available for a few months, you can purchase it on Amazon.

It is an adventure VR for families. Moss offers all of the immersion experience of virtual reality accompanying them with the fun of a platformer and the sense of wonder typical of games like Zelda. The game was developed by some former employees of Bungie. The protagonist is a fearless rodent armed with a sword who must make his way through forests, ruins, dungeons, and rooms full of enemies. Technically the game is interesting, the graphics are very nice and artistic work is remarkable. Also, go across the world to scale the mouse always has its charm. For play is not necessary to have the Move.

If you like sci-fi and shooters, Farpoint is without a doubt one of the titles VR to have. Thanks to the new gun controllers, the sense of immersion is total: you can dodge, hide behind cover, and there is complete freedom of movement, even if the levels are fairly linear. Despite the title allows the complete control of their character, it seems that the developers have managed to eliminate the motion sickness that has plagued the similar titles.

Unfortunately, the game is not exactly very long, it is seen that the single player mode lasts about 6 hours, luckily the longevity is increased by the presence of a good multiplayer mode.

Farpoint is available from may of last year, you can purchase it on Amazon in a version with a controller and without controller.

This title is probably the best introduction to the potential of VR weblog PlayStation. From the point of view of the gameplay don't expect anything amazing, but some moments are worth, without a doubt, the price of the ticket. The opening sequence, for example, will take you through the residence of the Wayne up to the Batcave, where you can for the first time to wear the clothes of the legendary man bat. You will remain in my heart the views of the city of Gotham and the level of immersion while solving crimes. It will also be fun and fascinating to see face to face all of the major enemies of Batman.

Batman: Arkham VR is practically available since the launch of PSVR, you can purchase the title at a discount on Amazon.

It is one of the games for VR more intelligent and intriguing. Statik has been developed by Tarsier Studios, authors of the beautiful Little Nightmare. The plot of the game is simple but functional, you are a participant in a research, that will wake you every time with hands locked in a trap is different. Every time you free yourself, the puzzles are always engaging and are becoming more and more challenging.

To play using the DualShock controller, then you seem to have you hands locked in the trap. Statik is one of the titles for VR more simple and more successful.

The name of this game will tell you something especially if you are a gamers, of ancient date, and is in fact of the same of a console game Atari 1980, which Rebellion acquired the rights. The great classic has turned into one of the best experiences in VR that are available. The Gameplay is fun, reminiscent of a futuristic World of Tanks, but its strong point is the graphics in the style of Tron that also captures, in its simplicity. There are two modes, the solo campaign offline, and the fun multiplayer online.

Battlezone is available since the launch of PSVR, you can purchase the title in a strong discount, even on Amazon.

This title is, without a doubt, a sacred cow among the RPG in the west, the majestic open word it has entertained millions of players. When it came to VR in many were skeptical, the transposition is not exactly perfect, but playing for a title so huge in virtual reality is an experience that leaves its mark.

The best way to deal with dragons and cross the snowy lands of Skyrim, is without a doubt use a controller. This is a method to control the more proven and familiar, but slicing with the Move is an invaluable experience. From the technical point of view there are some compromises, but nothing too tragic, you'll notice especially if you have played with some remaster for console of the last generation.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is available from last November, you can buy the title on Amazon. On Amazon are available to the controller Move.

On the PlayStation Gran Turismo is synonymous with car simulation, when the last chapter he meets the VR and the marriage is almost perfect. The care of the development team in the model of the car is always manic and this is appreciated, especially in VR, every model looks incredibly to the real counterpart. The VR mode has been implemented with judgment and caution, with a game interface minimal but effective. If you are a fan of cars, or you like racing, you can not miss this title.

The Gran Turismo Sport is available from last October, you can buy the title on Amazon.

You may not believe it, but also titles in the third person, and not in the first, they are very enjoyable in VR. Tethered shooting is one of these. In the title you will have to guide a small community to keep the creatures. It is, as you may have guessed, a game of strategic management. Tethered shooting is divided in two complementary parts, the morning will collect and build, the night will be the time to defend themselves from the monsters who seek to destroy our community. Have these little creatures in the palm of the nose, greatly increases the satisfaction when you are able to carry out a mission.

This is a free game, downloadable from PSN. The Playroom VR is a fun collection of minigame to play in the company. The title is designed to familiarize the players with the VR, but it is also the perfect place to spend an evening in the company of friends. The Playroom VR is not exactly a title with longevity, but since it is completely free, it is hard to ask for more.

Our focus on best PS4 games PlayStation VR is coming to an end, let us know with a comment what is your title VR favourite and if we forgot to put some title worthy of being included.

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