The best exercise bikes of 2020, here are the models to buy


Published on Apr 15, 2020


The best exercise bikes of 2020, here are the models to buy! Locked in the house for the quarantine? Finally, if you have the time to devote to your training, but you can't get out of the house, the exercise bike is a great way to do cardio without leaving.

Train with an exercise bike can be as much useful as it is fun. A bike with good performance it costs too much, takes up little space and is always available for your workout. Here are the main benefits of a workout with the exercise bike:

Cardio at all levels

The bike is a tool that can get you to do sessions of cardio training effective and suitable for any level of training. Can be used alone or in combination with other exercises.
Cycling is a fun exercise that allows you to burn a lot of calories. The fact of being able to train at home, especially when the weather outside is not the best, allows you to be constant. You can choose yourself how much to take your workout and also the intensity of the ride. You will be so possible to start with a level for you easily sustainable, and to increase in a gradual but continuous.

Cardio workout at home

The exercises with the exercise bike proved very comfortable to practice cardio at home. It is not always possible to go out for a run, or cycling on the road, so that's comes to our rescue this tool really convenient and versatile. Not to mention that it is a handy tool and occupies very little space, therefore, it is adaptable to small apartments.

Trained in the safe way

Using the bike is virtually impossible to get hurt. Just abide by the safety regulations and do not exceed with the workouts. Remember to do some warm-up before starting.

Fight cellulite

In the fight against cellulite and exercise bike plays a prominent role because it is able to reactivate the micro blood circulation, allowing you to improve the unsightly orange-peel appearance of the skin. Do you think there are some exercise bikes specially-programmed exercise sessions that are designed to fight the imperfections of cellulite!
Always remember to do a little stretching at the end of the workout! If you don't know how to do it, follow our article with a video of stretching.

In trade, you can find different types of exercise bikes and, for those who are not expert, it can be difficult to orient. Here are the main types of exercise Bike:

Exercise bike horizontal: also known as stationary bike, reclined or recumbent. The positive side of this bike is all about comfort. During your workouts you will be in fact slightly lying down and have the pedals right in front of you. This feature makes it perfect for those with back problems and for those who want to engage also the lower part of the abdomen. Spin bike: this bike type is also called “indoor” because it is in fact able to simulate the pedaling of the bike from the road. For this ciene also used by professional athletes that need a workout more efficient. But not only that! It is also widespread in many gyms where it is used for the spinning classes. Mini-bike: a small bike very small formed solely by the pedals, while the handlebars. It is used to train both his legs and his arms. To train your arms are usually resting on a table. Or you are pedaling while sitting on a chair or on a couch. The benefits are not certain allenanti! And’ recommended for the elderly or those who come from an injury and has only to keep in motion so bland.

With regard to the type, we can say that there is no model better than another in an absolute sense. Depends on your needs and the availability of space and budget. The advice is always to aim at the quality, especially if you want to engage in a workout with constance. Save too much might make you have a model's disappointing that would be used as a hanger.

You've decided to buy an exercise bike but do not know how to choose among the many models and brands on sale? Here are the things to keep in mind:

It is the metal wheel connected to the pedals and it's really fundamental to determine the quality of the bike. More the flywheel weighs, the more your bike will be valid. Always remember, however, that the weight can make it difficult to move it in the house: looking for a good compromise according to your needs. Usually, for the bike, the weight falls in the range of 4 – 7 Kg. For the professional part from a minimum of 10.

It is given by the brake, which determines the difficulty and the effectiveness of your workout. You can usually find a magnetic resistance or its variation the most technologically advanced, the electromagnetic resistance. The second type is more fluid and flexible and offers the possibility to set up multiple levels of effort (usually 16).

Aesthetics aside, that still has its importance, a good frame is synonym of durability and stability. If you have little space opt for an exercise bike foldable. Attention is paid to the loading threshold of the maximum supported weight. Usually there are several steps:

As indications of the basis now provided by all the models, you will find the time and the distance covered, speed maintained, and an estimate of calories burned. One more feature that could be very useful is heart rate.

You will in fact remain in the threshold for fat burning and not to overspend in peak hazardous for your health. If you want to know how to calculate the minimum heart rate exercise, let us explain the easy way in this article “ideal heart Rate training” .

In the models the most advanced you will find also several training programs and fit test to assess the state of your physical form.
If your bike is not equipped with the programs, don't worry, we can help! Follow the video workout Home spinning

Ok, now that you have a clearer idea on what you want and what you need to pay at the time of purchase, we can also suggest some of the best exercise bikes of 2020.

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