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Published on Oct 14, 2017


If, for you, it is quite difficult to take care of your feline on all fours, as well as one of the best friends of man, we are here to list a series of apps dedicated to the cats. These apps are designed for those who has little time and is full of commitments, will allow you to better manage your loved kitten.

If you're wondering how, know that many of them are that will serve as a reminder to remind you to bring the cat to the vet, where to find the products that are useful for his care or power supply, and so on. If we have intrigued at least a little, you just need to continue to read: you will most probably find the information very useful and suitable to you.

The first app that we want to advise you, free of charge and available only for iOS, is My pets - Pets Manager. It is very easy to use and full of tools, or you can add all the reminders you need as a “vaccination”, “worming” and so on, you can also take the photo of your cat and fill in your information to register it in the app. The only downside is that the app is only available in English and Portuguese, but being very easy-to-use languages should not be of great hindrance.

Yet another great location is the Money Manager, which is free and available for both Android and iOS. This app will allow you to keep under control all the expenses that you made for your furry friend, to do this you need to register your credit card and each expense will be your budget, you strong true?

The last app in this category that we recommend that can handle your cats is 11Pets, only available for Android for free. You can make all the commitments that relate to your kitten to be under control, such as the visits that will have to support, food to buy, and so on. You can also register your puppy by setting its main data, and also the same thanks to this app you can also find the best vets in the circulation and in addition there is also the section on adoption, if you wish to adopt a new furry friend.

Really complete, don't you think?

Friskies Happy Wings is a free app and available for iOS and Android that will allow you to entertain your cat with your smartphone or tablet. It is a fun game for your friend, that will capture all of the little animals that occur on the screen, as in this case: butterflies, dragonflies, and so on, you will see that your cat will enjoy it so much.

Very similar to the app you just listed is Friskies Cat Fishing, which is free and available for iOS and Android, this time your kitten instead of taking small insects you can catch a fantastic fish. Really fun.

For a cat the disobedient can not miss on your smartphone or tablet with the free app and available for iOS and Android, Friskies Call Your Cat. If every time you call your cat, he will ignore you, with this app you can play sound from him pleasant that will bring to your friend with many cats it has worked: try also with your.

Only for Android and free, let's talk about the Mouse, it is a funny little mouse that runs up and down the screen with the purpose of catching the tasty cheese. Your kitten will try to catch instead of the tasty little mouse, you'll see that you'll be able to see your cat play.

Available for Android and iOS, we can't recommend the free app Zooplus, is very useful as it offers a vast catalog of products you can buy for your cat. Not only to other pets, its prices are really affordable, and you can also, when making purchases, you also accumulate a series of points that will will enable to receive even free products.

If you are wondering what the center of the app of Yellow Pages with cats, the answer is very simple: this app will allow you to search for the best veterinarian near to your areas, it is really very fast and quick and so also in case of emergency, with the application you can track in a very fast way . It's free and available for iOS, Android and Windows 10 Mobile.

How can we not talk about Amazon? The app of the famous e-commerce is available free of charge for iOS, Android and Windows 10 Mobile. Thanks to the online store, the most powerful of the time, you can choose lots of products for your cats, best dry food to the best games. You have to do is type in the search bar on the “Products for cats” and the game is done, as you can see there are various rates and satisfy the need of many customers.

But to make a to search even more complete, in the selected categories “Products for pets”, pick your animal, and proceed with the choose if you need food, toys, bedding, accessories, and so on, so you'll see a good list of products really convenient.

Cats are the animals most wanderers among the domestic ones, if you often worry, what has happened to your cat and you want him to be assured that you are in a place that is not dangerous then we suggest you to buy a GPS to pets.

You'll simply have to attach it to the collar of your kitten and you'll safely its exact position, keeping it under control, obviously, from your smartphone or tablet. If you think that this GPS will cost you a bang, you reassure immediately telling you that the prices do not exceed the€ 40 usually. Among the best GPS for cats, we recommend: TIMTag SLIM, Girafus Pet Tracker, T-Pets, Chipolo, Petpointer and Kippy Life.

You will see that after this choice you will not regret it and you will discover you have made a really good deal.

One, two, but three cats are not enough for you, you want a new furry friend to cuddle? We think of an app. Paw to paw is the best app in the whole of Lombardy offers a wide range of cats, but also dogs looking for homes. You can use the filters such as puppy, adult, female and male, find the puppy for you.

It's an app strictly free and available for iOS and Android.

We want to conclude this article with this app to invite you to not leave your furry friends when you go on holiday but to take them with you. There are specific structures which leave free access: how can you find them? Thanks to this free application you can know which hotel, B&B, beaches, restaurants and so on, allow free access to your puppy.

This app unfortunately is only available for Android but will also recommend the website online very fast and very good in its intent.

As we know, to take care of an animal is not at all easy, for this reason, we wanted to give tips to simplify small and ordinary everyday actions. We hope that this article has been useful, please let us know which are the app more comfortable for you and for your friends cats.

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