The best applications used in this 2015 available on iPhone and iPad


Published on Dec 29, 2015


By purchasing an iOS device, you have access to the now famous App Store, where you can find every kind of application. Often many of these can be truly very useful for our daily life, but among the numerous apps present, it is not always easy to find them. Here is a selection of the best applications that we have used in this 2015 available for iPhone and iPad.

Here, then, this is our collection of the best app, in which we will collect the applications, which we used more in this 2015. The applications presented were not necessarily released this last year, but are simply those that we felt were the most useful, practical, and comfortable to use in daily life. Probably will not use each of these applications every day , but several open really often.

To make reading more convenient, we have divided the list into various categories, namely:

Social News Utility Entertainment Photos and Videos Work

We start therefore, with this collection, remembering that there are other applications worthy of note, but that for reasons of convenience and readability, we have not included in this list.


FacebookFacebook, Inc.Free

Although there are alternatives to the application Facebook, we continue to use the official client to read the news from the bulletin board, send messages through Messenger and upload your photos or videos. An application that could be improved, but it is still an excellent client for this social network.

Tweetbot 4 for TwitterTapbots4,99 €

Tweetbot 4 has been released in this 2015, introducing several changes vis-à-vis the already excellent Tweetbot 3. Therefore, we can say that it is one of the best (if not the best) Twitter client.

PeriscopeTwitter, Inc.Free

Periscope is a new social network that leverages our cameras, to broadcast live to the whole world what we are recording. Often it is also used by newspapers, web sites, blogs or the famous people, which makes it even more useful and interesting.




Linky — Share webpage links, images and text to Twitter and FacebookBenoit Bourdon3,99 €

To share text, photos, quotes, videos and other content from the web on our social network we have used Linky, a convenient and practical application, that transforms the sharing of content in a process is easy and immediate.

TwitterTwitter, Inc.Free

Although we have just mentioned Tweetbot 4 as the best client for Twitter, the official app of the social network remains a viable alternative, with functions still absent from any other client. If you are of active users on Twitter it is recommended to have them both.



Newsify: Your News, Blog & RSS Feed ReaderBen AlexanderFree

If you are looking for a good RSS feed, which manage numerous feeds to different web sites, Newsify is the one for you. It's simple, intuitive, fast and lightweight. An application created really well for the job it must perform.

PocketRead It Later, IncFree

Pocket is an application that is often used for reading news, even when you do not have an internet connection. Finding a news on our RSS feed, or simply on Safari, you can save it in Pocket, from where we will be able to read it also offline, with a simple interface that greatly simplifies the reading.


Nuzzel: News From Friends And InfluencersNuzzel, Inc.Free

Often you use Facebook and Twitter as a RSS feed to read the latest news. Nuzzel is an application that selects the news, links, photos and other content, which are more frequent among people you follow, giving a fuller look to the most important news in a given period of time. Therefore, if you don't connect to your social for a few hours and you want to find out quickly the most important news that you missed, this application is what you were looking for.



Candy crush saga ® 2 for iPhone - Calendar and PromemoriaFlexibits Inc.2,99 €

Candy crush saga ® 2 is presented as a valid alternative to the native app Calendar. Inside you will find many features to organize our tasks, so our calendar is always up to date.

AccuWeather - Weather for LifeAccuWeather International, Inc.Free

AccuWeather is a great application to forecasting the weather. Inside you will find a practical interface to display the weather in the locations you want, with many details on temperature, sunrise and sunset times, humidity, etc.,


Evernote is an alternative to the native application Notes. Inside you will be able to organize our notes various notebooks and synchronize them with the appropriate application on the PC and Mac. Really very useful and convenient as an app, which also includes a handy widget for the notification center.


It Comes 2 - Finance PersonaleSilverWiz Ltd4,99 €

You have numerous credit cards and bank accounts or simply want to manage your money? Here it comes, the application that allows us to keep control of our money.

AroundMeFlying Code LtdFree

Although it is now old as application, AroundMe can always come in handy on several occasions. If you are away from home and you are looking for a restaurant, pub, pizzeria, beer garden, cinema, or any other point of interest, AroundMe will locate it for you, offering the shortest path to reach it.

Transfer photos and videos unlimited with Infinitinfinit.IFree

Infinity is another very useful app, that allows us to transfer files from one iOS device to another, or between an iPhone, iPad, and a PC or Mac




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