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Published on Oct 11, 2017


Today is the day to save is always more difficult, sometimes it seems impossible because the prices are always the stars and the merchants, in this period of crisis, does not want to know of lower prices.

Here, then, is that those few deals that happen sometimes are lost to us also: for this reason we ChimeraRevo we want to advise you of app available that will allow you to be always updated on any discounts in the time, so not to lose them, and you can make purchases convenient.

The first free app with which we want to start and Find discounts around you, available for Android. From the name, you can deduce that this app allows you to find any kind of discount in the areas closest to your home, from hair salon to a restaurant. In short, discounts of all types, really cheap, the searches are really simple, and especially fast: you absolutely have to try.

In this list where we'll just set the best app could not miss PromoQui, available for Android and iOS. Of course, free of charge, the app lets you browse through all the flyers of the stores nearest to you, rich, really cheap for your expense. You can also visit the online site directly from a PC.

If you are good accumulators the free app Extra Discounts (available for Android and iOS) to your case, as its purpose is to accumulate discounts on the individual products that are really simple to locate. The app is very easy to use because it's very intuitive, you will know immediately that it will do fantastic business.

Not combs miss these other great apps with functions and characteristics that are very similar, always available for Android, iOS and also online. All for free, of course! Here is the list:

After this small but convenient list, we wanted to tell you that we will keep you updated on new apps if they were to be born. Do not forget to also give a read to our section dedicated to the deals of the day: there you'll find exclusive discounts related to technology, only for you, the readers of ChimeraRevo.

Good shopping!

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