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Published on Sep 22, 2017


You're not so good at decorating the house and need advice? You are afraid that the fantastic furniture seen in magazines, it could not then stand so well in your living room, or maybe you are the eternal insecure, and you need to try everything before to furnish your home?

You have to know that there are cool apps to decorate your home that not only offer excellent advice but you can, thanks to the camera of your smartphone to frame the rooms that you will need to embellish and try to preview the furniture that you intend to buy.

What are these apps? We have gathered for you the best of the best!

One of the best free app, available for iOS and Android, is Homestyler. Thanks to this application through the camera, you can delete the furniture in your rooms so that you can replace them virtually with new ones, so you can see, without creating damage, if your room needs new furniture and what to put exactly to make your home as perfect as everyone would like.

If you use virtual rooms or if you want to use the room in the photo taken, you'll have to choose a specific catalog. Also you can take advantage of the various entries, such as edit image, style, grid, and so on.

A very useful application, which is free and available for iOS and Android is Roomle 3D. You can buy great furniture for the house, but the highlight comes now, that is, before to buy them you can try them virtually in your room to be confident that it is not a bad purchase.

Really good and complete, but if you want to take a look at the entire catalog is there a subscription to pay the cost of 5.99€.

And also excellent Design Home, available for both iOS and Android devices, free of charge, but if you want to know more in the catalogue that offers you will have to make purchases at a price very varied and not always low.

It remains, however, very useful and full of tools. Also with Design Home you can buy the furniture that you have tried it with no problems, strong, true?

If your intent is to design a home from scratch, there is the app Planner 5D to give you a fabulous hand. This is a free app but to use you need to make purchases, and for those of you using Android start at 1.99€, but those using iOS have to shell out 3.49€.

If you want to simply be inspired by, then Houzz is for you, thanks to the multiple images that available for you to draw inspiration. This app is free and available for iOS and Android.

We hope to be of some help and have recommended the application is suitable for you, let us know how you found and how they were your purchases, these applications are very useful and avoid really unwanted purchases.

Happy shopping!

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