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Published on Sep 13, 2017

Make efforts to keep in shape just before summer is a myth. Besides being practically useless is also counterproductive, as we do not maintain a standard that allows the body to find its balance. What better time then, just before the autumn season, to find out what are the best app to workout?

Often they do physical activity alone is only a practice really uninspiring. You are likely to get bored easily if we don't find the right way to go. For this reason, we have decided to draw up a particular ranking we will see together the best applications for training.

Having a guide, even if virtual, at times it can really make the difference!

That we are not all the same and not all of us have the same tastes now, it is a fact. For this reason recommend to go by bike to a person that is cycling extremely boring it would be just a waste of time. The secret is to focus on what we like the most. In terms of the app for training limits do not arise. There are dozens and for all tastes.

What we will do is give you a range of proposals, even very different among them, in order to help you find the activity that for you is more fulfilling. Are you ready to explore the best applications to train with us?

This is an obvious, you say! Who is not familiar with Runtastic? This is one of the app for training and used all over the world. Everything you need is in fact only your body and your smartphone. On the other hand, even the less fit are able to begin to run and this App is one of the applications most appreciated.

But how does it work in reality? It is a sort of diary of the race that you can carry with you always. Thanks to the GPS mapping your route will be recorded on your profile. In addition, a voice guide will keep you updated on time, distance covered, average pace, and calories burned. All this is done free of charge! Remember also that, in addition to running, this application for training, you can also monitor your cycle. Runtastic is also available for both Android and iOS and can be easily consulted from any PC.

In addition to the free version you can subscribe to a monthly subscription, which starts from 9,99 € per month. But what is offered? In this way you will have available to workout plans free, run in the story, and much more. In case you are already inclined to use the version “premium” of this app for training know that there is also an annual package to 59,99 €. What are you waiting for to download it?



Strava is, together with Runstastic, one of the most complete applications to train with the race. Not at home, are two of the competitors in the fitness market. The strength of Strava lies in the accuracy with which they are monitored paths. Whether you are walking, jogging or riding a bike, you will always find the perfect track for the roads that you have traveled.

As for the previous case also Strava is a free download from either the Play Store from the App Store. The basic version does not really miss anything of what you might need for a workout, the carthusian. What can push you then to buy the monthly subscription to 7,99 €? In this case, there is a whole series of additional tools, such as the index of suffering of the heart, a more detailed analysis, and share your location in real-time.

Don't forget also, to have access to a training diary is always up to date access to the application. You can do this either with your Google account with Facebook. In this way, all your data will be synchronized on every device that you own.



The race is not your passion? For something a little more specific to keep in shape in the home or in the gym? In this case, with the Nike+, there is an in-app training, the most complete on the market. Not by chance who most of nike can know what you need, sport?

Within the application you will find more than 150 training sessions. It ranges from the bland to the beginners to go up, with the exercises more difficult and complex to maintain in shape, even those who already have a good physical shape. All you have to do in order to use it is sign in with your social accounts or directly create a Nike account. Now there remains nothing more for that to customize your workout plan according to your goals.

All of the exercises that you find in the Nike+ Training Club are equipped with a comfortable and intuitive voice guide that will follow you during the course. You just need to download the application for Android or iOS and put you to the test!



Sometimes having a personal trainer can make all the difference in terms of results. SWorkit is proposed in replacement of this figure, as one of the application to workout the most effective available. One of the main advantages of this application is the ability to access workout plans custom designed according to your requests.

You can start from a minimum of five minutes up to an hour, depending on your needs. Once the application is installed you will need to login. As always you can use your social accounts or create a new one. During the first boot you will be also suggested a sort of questionnaire. Compile it with care because this will determine what type of training you intend to take.

The basic version of SWorkit is available in the free version, and already offers a good amount of exercises to choose from. If you want to get access to all the content proposed has been thought out a plan of individual subscription with a cost that starts from 6.99 € per month. Also SWorkit is available for both Android and iOS.



The latest app for training that we will discuss today is always marked Runtastic, a brand that has established itself more and more in the world of digital fitness. Unlike the other application, where we will meet a real digital coach is ready to assist you whenever you need it. All this will be done through custom workouts, targeted to improve your physical condition.

Once the download is complete you will need to log in with an account to have the functionality that you want. Also in this case, you can use Facebook, Google or create a new Runtastic account. The first thing to do is to press the voice settings and choose the workout creator. In this way you choose how to train and what areas of the body to use. Also the time to use it will be to your description. Therefore there are no excuses to skip workouts in this case.

Although being a free app, Runtastic results requires the subscription of a subscription plan to have access to all the functions available. The choice in this case is between 9,99 € per month, 39,99 € every six months or 59,99 € per year. Runstastic results is available for both Android and iOS, and is presently one of the app for training the most complete in circulation.



Whether you want to do a simple jog releases or have a real workout plan complete, now we have put all the necessary tools available. This app for the workout in fact they are the best around. It's up to you to decide which one to use and whether to subscribe or not.

We remain however at your disposal for any clarification. Please note that you can contact us either through the comments box found at the bottom on our page Facebook.

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