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Published on Oct 20, 2017


If you want your selfie to be perfect, and you want a touch of originality, you can try to diversificarvi through an app for selfie. We are only here to advise you on the various app fabulous that you get selfie really fantastic, with crisp photos, and fashion bloggers are sure to enjoy.

The app for selfie, which we will indicate below, are available for Android and iOS.

If you are fond of filters such as don't start with Sweet Selfie? Famous for the various filters at your disposal, the app's basic features is free and available for iOS and Android, but you will not find the usual filters, as these allow you to remove all the skin imperfections, whiten teeth, and so on.

You must try it to believe it, but if the filters don't have enough you can to use the in-app purchases . Moreover, you can create amazing photo collages and then post the selfie on your social bookmarks.

For a selfie the more particular application of Prism. Through the Internet connection, you can turn your photos into beautiful paintings, the effect is really cute and innovative and if you are looking for something original. There are many filters that will transform your photos, there's something for all tastes. The app is free and available for iOS and Android.

Who does not know the famous Retrica – Discover Yourself? Considered one of the best, could not miss in our list of great apps for selfie. The peculiarity of this app, in addition to the many filters, is to be provided also many, many stickers. You can transform your videos into GIF files, insert drawings, texts and so on. The app is available for iOS and Android for free.

Another app that we want to advise you, free and available for iOS and Android, is CandyCamera. The app has 30 filters, but not only, and has various effects, such as whiten teeth, remove various spots on the skin, put the makeup on your face, and so on.

Of course, the make-up is very natural but it makes the selfie is really fascinating, moreover, to make the selfie even more beautiful you can add different frames, edit your photo by cropping it, increase the brightness and apply various stickers.

If instead your goal is to completely change your photos with the retouch, you can do it through the app YouCam Perfect App for Selfie and Retouches to Photos, it has a lot of special effects to retouch your photos including beautify your stretches, eliminate wrinkles, enlarge eyes, remove the bags, reduce the waist, slim the legs, allows you to make you taller, to shape the contour of the face, and so on.

The app is free and available for iOS and Android.

Sometimes to be good in a selfie is an undertaking but with the appropriate app, and the appropriate tools, we wanted to make you all the more simple. We hope to be of some help, good fun!

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