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Published on Dec 01, 2017


You're lazy to the point of not having the desire even to call to order home delivery of your favourite pizza? Do you prefer a message to a conversation? In short, you want to order food and you want to be sure that you will arrive all without that there are reception problems or that there are misunderstandings over the telephone, or simply want to order food online through a simple message.

Well, to do this there are special and compelling applications, which as mentioned above will allow you to order the food in your point of sale preferred, which is a pizzeria, a pub, and so on. We know that we have been involved in you a lot of curiosity, so all we can do is start to draw up a great list on the best app to order food using Android and iOS.

We have to necessarily start this list with the best app for ordering food, Just Eat, is free and available for iOS and Android. There are many operators who have adopted this technological innovation very convenient, in between pizzerias, the pubs and restaurants there is plenty of choice to bring the favorite dish to the house. Furthermore, you can set the time and at the end of your order you will get an e-mail confirming that the order was executed to perfection, strong, true?

We continue this list with UberEAT, great free app available for iOS and Android. The app has some pros and cons, of the pros we list the speed in which the restaurants merchants to bring you your favorite dishes, you can also you to manage you time, and more than 100 restaurants are participating. Among the cons there is the high cost for the purchase of this application, that is, 5€, and its availability as it is available momentarily only to Milan, we hope to expand because, however, the service remains very worthwhile.

Why not try the app Deliveroo? It really is excellent, free and available for iOS and Android. Usable for those who live in the areas of Milan and Rome, the app is really complete and you can take advantage of a delivery service of various dishes from various restaurants, even stellar ones. With regard to the shipping expenses are, and who placed the order, and if your order is less than 15€ is there a fee more to pay.

If between the three of you were not able to find the one that convinced you, try this other that you list, maybe, they might make you change your mind.

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