The best alternatives to “The Black Corsair”

Published on Jan 25, 2018

The torrent does not go out of fashion. After years and years of presence in the network the P2P protocol, it still seems to be the more used for downloading and sharing content. In the Italian landscape there are sites, really good on this front.

Some we have already talked about in other articles, other there appresteremo to do so today. If you are in search of the best alternatives to black corsair, you ended up in the right place. This now-famous web page seems to be suffering from some problem too lately. For your luck, we have dedicated a deepening these problems. You will discover that it is really simple to work around them and regain the access to the site.

However, given the possibility that the page returns again offline, it is time to discover together what can be the best alternative to the black corsair.

If you navigate from a lot of time among the websites that allow to download the torrent, you will be certainly happened to encounter in the VPN. These are special services that allow you to hide your identity, something truly useful when it has to do with practices at the limit of the law.

Their operation is relatively simple. The IP address will never be shown publicly, and in this way your identity remains safe from malicious. It is not mandatory to use them when it has to do with torrent sites. We do, however, I will suggest you to avoid to encounter unpleasant incidents.

You can read more about the topic by reading this guide, written in a manner to be easy to read and understandable to all.

Also TNTVillage we have already talked about recently, and for this reason, we will try to be brief. Unlike other alternatives to the black corsair, here you can find a kind of community. As to the accuracy of the procedure is called “ethical exchange”.

On TNTVillage you will find, in fact, only books, movies and music output from at least 12 months. If you want to find out why you need to do is read the statute. To be able to download the files registration is necessary, which you can do free of charge. For the rest it is a great site, well organized and content-rich. If you want to get more information you need to do is click on this link.

The Pirate Bay is one of the historic sites in the landscape torrent, not only in italy but worldwide. Closed more and more often, always came back to the limelight in various forms. Inside you can find everything and more. Movies, music, ebooks, and the programs are just some of the categories in which you can navigate.

In the event that you are unable to reach the official page, there is an address where you can find all of the proxy servers active. Are divided by nation and degree of speed. At the moment there are about thirty. Impossible not to find one that will work.

Also IsoHunt, surely known to many of you, is one of the best alternatives to the black corsair. Its particularity resides in the indexing system. The database of the torrent file is in fact the owner. This means that IsoHunt does not rely on other external sites for the management of the torrent.

The contents are divided into categories. Software, games and movies are just some of these. To search for a torrent, you can use the bar at the top. The results, you can rearrange them according to the number of Seeds, or sources.

If you have never heard of this site, you don't know what you're missing out. Born in 2008, RARGB is perhaps the only alternative to the black corsair, approaching for a number of content to the biggest torrent sites in the world. Indexed files are really of all kinds: movies, books, tv series, programs and chi più ne ha più ne metta.

After a period of militancy in the lower leagues of the web in 2015 is joined of the best 10 torrent sites. Really simple to do the research, facilitated by the categorization of the content, made really well.

Also deserves a mention in this special guide to the best alternative to the black corsair. its strong point is without doubt represented by the search engine. In addition to enter the results in its own database, in fact, it also analyzes dozens of other sites that specialize in torrents.

In this way, the results are sure to be more numerous compared to competitors. The home is located the subdivision in categories is useful for navigating and well-made. Once you have found the content of your interest, just click on the buttons to start the download.

There seems to be this family name? Torrentz2 is in fact the successor of the famous Torrentz, closed in 2016. Reborn from its own ashes, the site has changed (not too much) the name and returned to the limelight. Don't be fooled by the home page, very bare and uninviting.

It is one of the best torrent search engines in the world. The indexed items can exceed 60 million, and ranging from music to movies, touch software and TV series.

Here you have another example of how each and every web site that is closed, it immediately comes another to replace him. If you remember, BitSnoop, one of its most interesting features was represented by the search algorithm. This allowed them to find the torrent for duplicate or corrupt, and delete them promptly.

Zooqle has traced the footsteps of a famous predecessor, avoiding any loss of data and time. The research is really lightning-fast, even if the graphical interface is certainly not at the top. Despite this, the site does its job very well. If you have not tried it yet we recommend you do so.

Compared to other torrent sites the most renowned TorrentHound certainly offers less content. Then why we have been placed among the best alternatives to corsair black? Simple, if you want to find the films and TV series most recent, this is the right place for you.

In this case, it relies entirely on the freshness of the contents, leaving the total number. You can see the indexed files by exploring the various categories on the home page.

You first came to the world of torrents and you are going to explore the topic? Don't worry, nobody is born learned, and we are here also for this. Thanks to our guides, you will have the opportunity to make the idea of a general framework that revolves around the sharing P2P.

Now that we understand what are the best alternatives to the black corsair, we just have to run to the PC and save these sites in your favorites list. Using them in a combined manner will be impossible not to find what we're looking for.

If you are lovers of film, music or TV series, this is an occasion that you can not miss. For each update, please refer to our page on Facebook. There every day you will find insights, news and tutorials spanning different areas of technology.



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