The Beauty and the Geek 2020: unveiled the winning pair, the flop for the Star Manente


Published on Feb 19, 2020


After six weeks of challenges, new inputs, quarrels, blunders, and tests particularly provocative, the reality show La Pupa e il Secchione 2020 has finally elected its new winner couple. And to win it was the biggest news of this third edition, namely the world of the “vice-versa”. To remove the check for 20 thousand Euro, in fact, are the pair of competitors composed by pupo Stephen Baecco and the geek Maria Assunta Barefoot.

The pair has distinguished itself from the first day inside the reality show for the desire of mutual learning without creating arguments or the negative dynamics between the competitors of the villa. It went wrong, instead, for the criticatissima model and influencer in Star Manente, which is buscata a sound second place, together with the “his” nerd Alessandro Santagati.

Maria Assunta Scalzi, class of 1995, is in calabria and is the teacher. She graduated in Modern Philology only two years ago, in 2018. He holds a Master's degree in Teaching of Italian, and has won the first prize in the poetry competition organized by the association of official Giacomo Leopardi on the occasion of the 200th birthday of the poet. Scalzi has also won the Award Ischitella with his poem in the dialect of calabria with The title, “pinnulari“.

The beautiful Stefano Beacco, instead, he is 25 years old and is from Milano. His studies led him to the study of osteopathy but it keeps doing the stripper and the boy image in the club lombardi. He is passionate about engines and practical body building.

And it is a FEAST! #lapupaeilsecchione

Despite the great harmony of the couple, the two celebrated the victory in The Pupa and the Geek 2020 in separate locations. If Stephen does not know anything at all, the nerd Scalzi has shown through his profile Instagram the celebration consumed in a local with his friends. “An old japanese saying reads: the great brain beats big c*lo!” he said in his short speech while she was busy uncorking a bottle of sparkling wine.

To triumph, in any case, it is also the experimentation implemented by Italy, One that – against the opinion of the average viewer – has launched in the reboot of the reality of the historic but in a modern, fully post-produced and with a conduction (thankfully) very dry by Paolo Ruffini. Having regard to the period of strong spending review, which is living Mediaset, a further fourth season, is virtually certain.

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