The beautiful wedding of Chiara Ferragni with a surprise: a hidden slimming bodysuit (PHOTOS)


Published on Sep 01, 2018


We had told you, after having seen the first images of the bride dress, Chiara Ferragni, that the elegance of Dior had triumphed, that the fashion blogger had not dared with the necklines and the like, and that really seemed to a bride-to-be classic. But of course were wrong! There was a trick that could not certainly notice at first glance. First of all, the tulle skirt was full of slit depths, during the first procession with the Clear on the arm of her father, had not noticed much but after the ceremony, when Clare and Fedez are left to photograph, we could see the details better.

But the real surprise is something else: the dress is in fact a double wedding. The full tulle skirt overlaps, in fact, a little lace that Clare has shown in the photos, after the wedding ceremony.

It is difficult to give a label to this dress that could simply be defined, a dress Chiara Ferragni also if someone compares her to Grace Kelly. The lace Bodice close-fitting, with long sleeves and high neck is not a bodice, this is the true strong point of the dress, of course white – complemented by a fluffy tulle skirt, which you could still catch a glimpse of the legs to Clear through a central vent, give the gift of magic. The bodice, in fact, as we can see in the new photos that come from well-Known, is actually a playsuit lace. Let's imagine that in the short term, when the party will start after the banquet, Clare rage in the party and he will take away the tulle skirt, to remain with the piece, the playsuit lace, precisely.


To complete the outfit of the shoes, strictly custom, with the words “Clear”.

And here are other pictures from the wedding

And here is the photo with the designer Maria Grazia Chiuri

The story of @ChiaraFerragni's exquisite outfits began a year ago as the result of a close collaborative exchange with #MariaGraziaChiuri. As an internationally-recognized entrepreneur who treasures the importance of her Italian roots, her wedding dress designed by our Creative Director is faithful to this image. Enjoying not just the same nationality, but with similar passions and both promoting the same values of female empowerment, this candid moment captured during Chiara's fittings in our Paris salons reveals a great complicity between the two women. #DiorCouture

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