The battery of the Samsung Galaxy S9 will lose the comparison with the iPhone


Published on Apr 03, 2018


In the last few days have been published in several tests that confirm what is perceived by many users that have purchased the new Samsung smartphone: the Galaxy S9 have a range lower than you competing devices, and not only.

By performing a series of field tests, it was found that the battery of the Galaxy S9 has an average duration of 7 hours and 23 minutes, less than 8 hours and 22 minutes in the Galaxy S8. iPhone X and LG V30 reaching respectively 8 hours and 41 minutes and 9 hours and 24 minutes.

The main problem of this autonomy is lower is due to the new Exynos processor 9810, which would offer superior performance to the previous 8896 mounted on the S8, but at the expense of autonomy. In addition, several experts confirm that Samsung this time has wanted to keep a more prudent approach with regard to the capacity of the battery and its autonomy, in order to avoid the insolvency problems of the Galaxy Note 7. In this sense, Samsung did not want to go overboard with the optimization of the algorithm that manages performance and battery, with the result of an autonomy not to the levels of competition and previous Galaxy smartphones.

It is not excluded, in fact, that after a first phase of large-scale test, Samsung may decide to release a software update that can better optimize the battery life on the Galaxy S9.

Also the hardware side, however, it seems that the Exynos processor 9810 wastes a lot more energy, even when not put under pressure. On this point, little or nothing can do a software update.

Instead, it confirmed that companies such as Apple have failed to bring forward an optimization appropriate software, battery and processor.

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