The batteries of smartphones are getting less, and it is the “fault” of the new technologies


Published on Nov 02, 2018


The autonomy of the lithium-ion batteries may be on the decline due to the increasing energy demand of the new technologies of the smartphone, according to some tests conducted by The Washington Post.

The result of a series of tests with smartphone a few years ago, with the display set to the same brightness and used for navigation on the same sites, it is surprising (or maybe not?): the newer smartphones do not last as long as the “old”ones.

In the test in question, the iPhone XS is off about 21 minutes before the iPhone X, which is the smartphone of the previous generation. The difference is even more evident with the Google Pixel 3, and Pixel 2, with the first one that is off even an hour before the “younger brother”.

According to The Washington Post, iPhone, XR–, which uses an LCD and not an OLED – is a pleasant exception, with a considerable battery performance: 25 hours of calling, 15 hours of browsing, 16 of video playback and 65 hours of audio playback.

iPhone XR to Apple, the new smartphone that I recommend to many people, has a different approach. Takes a step back on the technology of the display – lower resolution, lower brightness and lower color quality, but improves battery life in an incredible way: the XR is off 3 hours after the iPhone XS, despite having a larger display (and costs $ 250 less).

Nadim Maluf, CEO of Qnovo, confirmed to The Washington Post that the battery life improves by 5% every year. The problem lies in the growing energy consumption of the smartphone, something that the batteries are not able to sustain.

According to CNET and Tom's Guide, the excessive brightness of the display and cellular connectivity are the factors that have the greatest impact on battery life. It is therefore advisable to maintain, on levels that are not too high the brightness and use Wi-Fi when possible.

The CEO of Onavo, finally, believes that users should prepare to accept a compromise: smartphones with larger batteries and heavier, and with the display is less energy-intensive, such as the one LCD of iPhone XR.

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