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Published on Jul 17, 2019


Interviewed recently by ET, the actress of the Mission: Impossible – Fallout and Hobbs & Shaw Vanessa Kirby has commented on the hypothesis assume the role of Catwoman in the next stand-alone Batman directed by Matt Reeves, in responding to those voices who saw it in contention with Kristen Stewart for the role.

“I don't know anything, but I'd love to be Catwoman. Oh my God, it would be a dream! Also if I should literally do a lot of squats,” the words of the actress, who continues analyzing his career, “I never thought of becoming an actress in action, even a million years, because it is a way of being that in the ordinary circumstances does not belong to me. But I view it as an opportunity to play a character that was independent in a world of men, able to survive any situation without being saved from someone being a fighter capable. I hope that this may initiate a sort of change”.

And views these last words, the actress could find an independent woman and femme fatale in Catwoman: what is certain is that however, no matter who will play, the character will be the protagonist of the movie with the Penguin, which however, will not be played by Josh Gad, as many have argued. After playing for months with these speculations in fact, the actor wanted to clarify his position on social, confirming the fact that it is not involved in the project.

“Ok, seen that they keep on asking me this I have loved torturarvi with all these references to the Penguin, I feel the time has come to tell you that in reality I'm playing the character. But I enjoyed all of the fan art and the media”.

A previous report from the Hollywood Reporter suggests the film will be a history of training, which will explore the ways in which Batman has become the phenomenal detective that we know of. “The new Batman will be about 30 years old, and the story does not explore the origin of the legendary Batman, or the story of the beginning of his crusade in Gotham City. The attention will be focused on Bruce Wayne and the way he undertaken to become one of the best detective in the world,” reads the report.

“It's a story of a noir Batman told very clearly from his point of view and from the experience that she carries on her shoulders. I hope it will be exciting but also emotional. Will stood out the most to his detective abilities, more than we ever seen in the previous films up to now: the comic book say it clearly, is the best detective in the world, and this aspect has not always been given the proper weight in the previous films. I love the opportunity that I have to deepen this aspect, in order to embark with him on a journey in search of the criminals and follow a narrative arc, which also show the evolution and the transformation itself, of the Batman” the previous words of the director Matt Reeves.

Instead, in an interview with IndieWire during the Television Critics Association, the same Matt Reeves has talked about how the theme of the double identity of Bruce Wayne in the next movie, the stand alone Batman.

“This is a very difficult question. I think it is interesting to know, however, that, while working on the film, we watched a lot of the past and the example that could provide us with an important work like that of Stevenson. Bruce Wayne has a shadow self just as Jekyll, there is the idea that we are made of many personalities. Bruce is and is not Bruce, is or is not in the cap. There are times that you feel fully yourself, but then turns out to be true only by exiting from its ‘form’ and wearing a mask, with the identity of the veiled, that allows the sides more instinctive and pure to emerge.” The director also underlines that this dichotomy is very important for the next stand alone.

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