The Batman: the movie could arrive only in 2020 for the delays on the script


Published on Aug 17, 2018


Reeves had previously stated that he had almost completed the drafting of the screenplay, but a new rumor indicates that the new film of the Crusader hooded not enter in production very soon. Here's what she reported in this regard, Umberto Gonzalez of TheWrap about the project:

BATMAN UPDATE: Kind of hard to go into preproduction when there is still no script yet. Just checked. No script until after Labor Day. MAYBE goes into preproduction by the end of the year for a June 19' or later shoot. BIRDS OF PREY & THE FLASH will go first.

— Umberto Gonzalez (@elmayimbe) August 16, 2018

“UPDATE BATMAN: it IS difficult to enter in the pre-production phase when there is still no script. Just checked. No sceneggiattura at least until Labor Day. MAYBE will enter pre-production by the end of the year for a start of shooting to June 19 or after. BIRDS OF PREY & THE FLASH will be the first,” wrote Gonzalez on Twitter.

Previously Production Weekly had caused a stir when he reported that The Batman would probably have started shooting only at the beginning of 2019.

This is certainly not good news for the fans since it most likely would mean that Batman would never go to the cinema before the end of 2020 in a best case scenario. It is also surprising that the screenplay is not ready at the beginning of September, as Reeves seemed sure that would come at least with a draft, and when he spoke at the event of the Television Critics Association two weeks ago.

“We are working to finalize a draft in the next two weeks,” explained Reeves. “At this moment, my head is totally on the script. At this time, I'm going to return to work on the script”.

The director had also explained some of his ideas on the theme of the movie, after having said that he wanted to shoot in the spring or early summer of 2019: “it will be a story of origin, there will be only Batman at the centre and the reasons for which the children, and not, fall in love with this hero, with a deep immersion in the noir world of Batman, from the investigations that it carries out, until the exploration of Gotham and all of its facets. It will be something new, I am completely immersed in my favorite books, it will be a great osmosis, not a continuous of the previous film.”

We therefore expect updates on any confirmations or denials by the delay in the script of the film.


The Batman: the movie could arrive only in 2020 for the delays on the script is




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