The Batman: the film will be neither a prequel nor a reboot

Published on Nov 18, 2017

The film the Batman directed by Matt Reeves will follow the events of the Justice League and will be part of this continuity

The release of Justice League has finally shifted the focus to The Batman, the film is a standalone directed by Matt Reeves, who, after the uncertain and troubled events on the script, when the director was still in the hands of Ben Affleck before they abandon everything to dedicate themselves only to the role of the protagonist, seemed to sail in calm waters.

In recent days, however, new rumors had started to swirl again the water, with some rumor that they gave Ben Affleck is not convinced that I can continue in the role of the Dark Knight and Matt Reeves lured the idea to replace it with Jake Gyllenhaal.

But, as we have had the opportunity to ascertain in these last few months, The Batman is an ongoing mine of information and rumors that tell everything and the opposite of everything.

In fact, according to what reported by El Fanboy, the director reveals how The new Batman will not be a prequel or a reboot, but will follow the events of Justice League and that will be part of this continuity, announcing, want to create a real “crime movie” profoundly inspired to the myth of Batman.

The Batman will not be a prequel or a reboot. Is the Batman of the Justice League!

This statement is very important because it would be a final confirmation, even if indirectly, that Batman will still be portrayed by Ben Affleck, excluding the hypothesis of a Bat younger compatible with the interpretation that he could offer Gyllenhaal.

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Source: Screenrant

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