The Batman: Jake Gyllenhaal wants the part, but Warner Bros. is not convinced


Published on Nov 26, 2017


Jake Gyllenhaal would be really interested in the role of the protagonist in The Batman, but Warner Bros. is not convinced of what

One of the chapters of the telenovela, Ben Affleck – The Batman had told us how the director Matt Reeves has laid his eyes on Jake Gyllenhaal as the new Batman, in the event Affleck will never be so convinced to assume the role of the Bat in the movie standalone.

According to some information coming from Reddit, Jake Gyllenhaal is really concerned to interpret the Crusader Hooded in the film of Reeves, but Warner Bros. is not very agree.

The same report suggests that the speculation on the possible substitutes of Ben Affleck, initially it was due to a tactic aimed to understand how the actor would take the part of Batman.

Here is the text of the report Reddit:

Matt Reeves hopes to release the film by the year 2020.

The details of the plot remain secret, but Matt has actually met other people in the event of having to replace Affleck.

Initially it was just a tactic to convince Affleck to sign up for more than one film, but when the thing has not given the expected results, it seemed that Affleck would not want to just stay put.

Gyllenhaal really wants the part, but the Studios are not convinced 100%.

They may, however, take into consideration the thing for Flashpoint, to make a character younger, but you are still not sure that the thing can actually work.

Personally, I continue to hope for a new trilogy with Affleck's protagonist (Well you're good!) you, instead, what do you think? Please let us know with a comment below!

Source: MovieWeb

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