The Barca-Juve, remuntada yes or remuntada no? Allegri: “We can score in every moment”

Published on Apr 19, 2017

It is the day of Barcelona-Juventus, at 20.45 at the Camp Nou. The blaugrana will try the remuntada, but the bianconeri depart from the 3-0 first-leg. The Barca-Juve, remuntada yes or remuntada no? Allegri: “We can score in every moment.” If Luis Enrique teases with some stored provocative, Massimiliano Allegri accepts the challenge and raises with the foil: “Every time we have the ball can go to goal.” It is not a circus show, but the deep-rooted conviction that by now “grown in self-esteem and awareness,” Juventus can make result at the Camp Nou, where barca are accustomed to do carrettate of goals. Luis Enrique that shoots "We can do three goals in a 3'", Happy replies, " with measured irony: "I Hope that is not a seer". The ‘Camp Nou’ where the usual wall of fans – also this night there was a queue at the ticket office – will try to drag the blaugrana to a sensational remuntada, Allegri asks, “clarity, coolness and serenity, which are essential to face the unexpected that may happen”. The 3-0 first-leg is a great gift, but Cheerful, more than ever, relaxed and smiling yesterday in Barcelona, invites you to forget it: “In matches like these it is not to think of what has been, what's the advantage in our case: we need to do. We have to live the race as if it were a match”. “It almost seems – is to observe – that if we pass the round, we won the Champions league, but it is not so. Delete Barcelona would only be a step in the direction of Cardiff. You would be left with still the semi-finals, to pass, and the Cup, to win. I repeat for the umpteenth time: peace and balance. Well, the enthusiasm and can understand the euphoria, but you must not fall into exaltation.” Allegri and his fans. The feeling between the fans and Allegri seems to have welded. In the past few days back to work in Vinovo appeared a banner that recognized the winning touch down, yesterday, to-Caselle airport, at the departure of the team for Catalonia, many choirs have been for him. “Normal to happen after three years”, blurs the spaniard. During which the company grew, the team also. To be in the quarter-finals of the Champions league should be a habit for Juventus”. The designation of Kuipers has been much discussed – between the ‘previous’ two penalties to Barcelona when Allegri coached Milan but the coach has great diplomacy: “it is the arbitrator of international stature, will surely be at the height”. Barcelona and Juve will be the first time ex of Dani Alves. “I had the impression of having been pushed away from Barcelona. I told the Madrid press because I was afraid that in Barcelona my words could be manipulated. If someone is offended I'm sorry.” Now Dani Alves is in the midst of another chapter: “Thanks to the result of the first leg – says – we have a 60% chance of passing the turn. You will still be hard, but we also can do harm to Barcelona”. These are the probable formations: Barcelona (4-3-3): 1 Ter Stegen, 20 Sergi Roberto, 3 Pique, 23 Umtiti, 18 Jordi Alba, 4 Rakitic, A 5-Busquets, 8 from Barcelona, 10 Messi 9 Suarez 11 Neymar. (13 Cillessen, 24 Mathieu, 14 Mascherano, 6 D. Suarez, 19 Digne, 21 André Gomes, 17 Alcacer). Luis Enrique. Juventus (4-2-3-1): 1 Buffon, 23 Dani Alves, 19 Bonucci, 3 Chiellini, 12 Alex Sandro, 5 Up, 6 Khedira, 7 Cuadrado, 21 Kick, 17 The French Powerhouse, 9 Higuain. (25 Neto, 24 Rugani, 15 Barzagli, 27 Sturaro, 28 Rincon, 8 Marchisio). All. Cheerful. Referee: Kuipers (Holland).

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