The bar that serves coffee and oral sex to two steps from Italy

Published on Jun 22, 2016

“I buy a coffee and a fellatio, thank you.” Could soon become the reality of a bar in Geneva that Thailand has imported a new formula in Europe, to offer a local in which, for 50 francs, you can order a coffee and, while sipping, you'll also get a session of oral sex from the girl that you prefer, choice the iPad.

The sexy bar is waiting for the go-ahead from the authorities to open in Geneva the first “bar of the blow-job”, since with a couple of tricks you can overcome legal impediments. The local will be registered as a massage centre (with a clause against child prostitution and exploitation) and will be sufficient for the girls to be registered, together with the owner, in the register of the police.

According to Ticinonline, which has launched the news, the owner would have developed the project starting from studies demonstrating that a satisfied man is more powerful on the job. To be sure, the coffee break would have a completely different taste.


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