The Banana is a super food? Word to the experts


Published on Nov 18, 2019


The banana is a fruit very important to take in a healthy diet. Can we really consider it a super food? It certainly seems that you, and not only for a reason. The banana, in fact it helps to stay in shape and stay healthy, by regulating the activity of the bowel due to the presence of fibers. In this way you can have the flat belly. The calories in bananas are quantified in 65 grams. In addition, the banana is a fruit that is really tasty, that children love too. There are many vitamins and other elements contained in, a real cure for the body. Hence, eating this exotic fruit is good but don't exaggerate. Let's discover what are the health benefits and physical fitness.

To talk about the benefits of the banana were the experts of Humanitas. They have placed the emphasis on the presence of fibers in this fruit, important for intestinal activity. In fact, often it is thought that these fruits can cause constipation. In truth, it seems, is not so. By eating these fruits you will fight the constipation and the swelling of the abdomen, being able therefore to get a nice flat belly. Bananas also contain iron, essential for boosting the production of hemoglobin.

In addition to the fiber, the banana is rich In vitamins a and C, natural antioxidants that help keep under control the action of free radicals on the body. Are rich in vitamin B, especially B2. The latter improves the health of hair and skin helping to remove from the body toxins. Then there is the vitamin B3, which can help in the regulation of sexual hormones and is also good for the nervous system.

Last but not least is the presence of the magnesium in bananas, along with the tryptophan. These two elements, together, contribute to the mood by contributing to the synthesis of a hormone called serotonin.

Although the banana is very important for the well-being of the organism, we must of course limit consumption, especially in certain circumstances. For example, anyone who has had problems with ulcers intussusceptions and takes medications such as diuretics and Ace inhibitors, should be careful because bananas can interfere with their action. Other categories which need to consume the bananas in a moderate amount of time are obese people and those who suffer from diabetes. In fact, bananas are also rich in sugar.

Then eat the banana is really good as long as they are consumed with moderation, do not overdo it with the amount. This applies to any food that can do well. The excesses should always be avoided, both for physical fitness and for health.

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