The “balances” in Mediaset for the schedule in the spring on Channel 5 between cancellations, leg holes, and the programmes sent


Published on Feb 19, 2020


What will happen to the Island of the famous 2020? Why Friends is broadcast prior to Friday and then to Saturday? Why Big Brother VIP ( which is not a program of success ) and stretches till may? Because the Channel 5 (see fiction, on which he had to point and port prime time tournaments quiz that no one expected? Many because, a few answers. Mediaset to the spring offers to the public of the Channel 5 kind of schedule that seems to be a promotional sale, with programs re-sent, others that stretch on for no reason, other that are deleted. Let's talk about sales or promotional balances to say that you will see “what remains”, or the goods collected out for the occasion of the warehouse, as they often are in some shops. No logical thread in the choices, no desire of gaining the trust of the public for proposals that are not the “classic” and if they were all successful as There is mail for you, or You will que vales, we may also understand, but if the offer is very different, the concerns are.

But let's see what will be the proposals submitted by Mediaset few core makes for the months of April, march and may, and you will have an idea of what you're talking about.We specify clearly that you speak for the FIRST TIME. Unlike what happens with the press releases of Mediaset, always the same, and triumph, on these pages you will know how to distinguish the accomplishments of the network ( see Morning 5, Forum, soap, Men and Women, very True, and in the Afternoon 5) the leading programs of the day time, from the flop.

We summarize with a diagram that comes directly from the promotion of Mediaset for the next few months

Sunday is the day to Live-Not the d'urso and here there is nothing to say if not for the fact that in Mediaset do not know what to invent in the press for not admitting to virtually be dubbed, in overlap, by Rai 1 is the competior of Channel 5. If then we have not understood anything and the face-to-face is with La7 and Rai 2, then everything changes...

Here's what that leaves us very perplexed is the Monday. As you see, the graphics nothing the Island of the famous, therefore not going to be aired in the spring and if ever you should do, would do it again in September. And here, too, nothing particularly scandalous. The real problem is that the Big Brother VIP already so to the fray after 12 episodes, it gets longer still. Again and again, perhaps becoming the edition with the most long...luckily next week there will be only one appointment, as per Friday the evening, get Friends, and what at least we are comforted. Monday evening will be the evening of "All Together Now" that has registered to listen to very low with the race, why should it go better with the tournament? Bah...

For the Tuesday evening, no sensational novelties: games and movies. If the stocks chosen were worthy of note, it would not hurt. The same goes for the Thursday evening.

The Wednesday evening will be the evening of the TWO FICTION in which Mediaset has decided to send in the wave. The new Made in Italy, which then is the fiction of the tip of the spring and the second season of " The silence of the water. The fiction with Ambra Angiolini is without a doubt a good product the problem is that the ratings had not shone since the first, think that happens at the second ...the Chapter Who wants to be a millionaire. The program like to sin that we go to wave around 22, and you end up very, very late. But here we could open a chapter just as long, then we stop. We also stop because once you are finished come the Fall tournament is Free on the first night...Really? You...

The cathedral of the sea, which was to go on the air, and rightly so, in the christmas period, it is moved to the spring. The series is already streaming on Netflix, are we really sure that captivate the audience of the network? The show of record is the classic thing that you pull out to plug the holes, even if it was planned since the fall. The Friday evening from the 28th of February, but only for a couple of episodes will be aired Friends. The talent remains in the wave at the Friday evening up to when There is mail for you it will be broadcast on Channel 5 Saturday. Then move taking the place of the show of feelings.

The tournament of Next another in the early evening (Saturday evening): we can say that what we perplima?

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