The Attack of the Giants: the director, Araki says that Season 4 will be, but...


Published on Jun 10, 2019


According to some reports circulating on Twitter, on the occasion of a live concert dedicated to The Attack of the Giants to the director of the transposition of the animated Tetsuro Araki, approached by a few fans that recognized him among those present at the event, he said that season 4 will be, but it would not be able to tell if it will be produced by Wit Studio as the previous ones.

They asked 2 questions.

Q: Will there be an AoT Season 4
Araki: Yes

Q: Will Wit Studio continue making the Season 4?
Araki: I can't tell you about that.


— aottt5478 (@aottt5478) June 10, 2019

Aired last April 28 and is scheduled in 10 episodes, the second part of the third season of the anime taken from the manga, Hajime Isayama, published by Planet Manga in our Country, is available for streaming on VVVVID:

Previously the men feared the outside world. They lived surrounded by walls, limits, built for the purpose of protecting humanity from the Giants: creatures in the image of man, but cruel twisted in behavior and in the appetites. Nailed to the invisible chains, men today have learned that even inside the walls, safety is guaranteed. After the brutal threat of the Giant Beast and the escape of the traitors, Eren and his companions see shaken in the foundations of the values with which they grew up. Threatened in survival will continue to seek a flame of truth that illuminates their path.

The Attack of the Giants: the director, Araki says that Season 4 will be, but... is




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