The Attack of the Giants: revealing the betrayal, and the real objective of Zeke


Published on Mar 03, 2019


WARNING: The article contains SPOILERS.

Kodansha, through Bessatsu Shonen Magazine, not long ago published the latest chapter of Attack of The Giants, the manga written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama, the number 114.

Considering the conclusion of the 113° (here for details), it was entirely predictable that the japanese would have dissected the past of Zeke Yaeger, and that I have led you to be the person he is today with the narrative of the 114th chapter. In particular, the new publication focuses on the events of the betrayal, and the real goal started from a young age, Zeke.

We have seen how Levi Ackerman is able to braccare the bearer of the Giant Beast through a methodology of proof of death. To avoid that it can be transformed the most, the Captain has private arts, but Zeke, in spite of the physical pain, is worried about his glasses that he can no longer find because, in some way, they are an integral part of his heart and his feelings.

Revived this step, the new chapter opens with a little Zeke with his parents eldiani, Grisha, and Dina, are forced to live in the circumscribed territory of Marley, which is dedicated to the “devils” of Eldia, who will have to live to try to become honorary citizens, and, therefore, not be considered as real monsters.

Zeke was heavily influenced by his parents to become a warrior of Marley and to ensure that the plan of the family, that the plan of restoration of Eldia to the damage of Marley, go to a good end. Zeke was, therefore, only a young tool of his parents, which, thanks to its strength in fresh and intelligence, had originally been occupied as a child soldier so that Grisha and Dina could act undisturbed in the creation of their complicated intrigues.

Later we learn that a group of Marley has managed to discover the plan of Grisha and Dina, so very soon will start a retaliation to stop them. The death penalty for treason will be the confinement in the Island Paradise and it is there that, as we know, the mother, Dina will become the Giant eats the mother of Eren Yeager (second son of Grisha and half-brother, Zeke). And not only the parents and the group of the restoration, but also Zeke, and her grandparents will be the objects of the death penalty.

Not wanting to pursue the will of the parents to become a warrior, and Zeke moves away and faces away, and met what was to be his only true friend, as well as the previous owner of the Giant Beast who has occupied this role is primarily to discover the science behind these creatures, the researcher Xaver.

Between the scientist and the guy you build a great relationship of master and pupil, and it will be just Xaver to push Zeke to denounce his parents now that they were almost caught in the machinations of the plan of restoration of Eldia and also because they grew up selfishly only for their own purposes. If they do, Zeke manages to save himself and the grandparents and, just because the relationship with his is now is away, he decides to follow the words of the master and mate of baseball Xaver, and to condemn them selling them out to the authorities of Marley. The rest then will be history.

With this part of life in his heart, and with the relationship with Xaver increasingly consolidated, Zeke has finally come to a conclusion, finding a meaning to his life. Now the next descendant of the Giant Beast, Zeke decides that he will recover the Giant, Primordial (Eren at the moment) to save the world and to free the eldiani from their suffering... but salvation is not meant to certainly preserve their life, rather to remove it painlessly, or through euthanasia.

And here, therefore, the floor of the eldiano Zeke to free the world from the terror of the Giants. Depriving Marley of the Primordial eliminating the future of Eldia.

The scenes come back to the present. Zeke repeated again his current plan, and Levi is incredulous at what they are listening to.

Zeke is in a whirlwind of madness and despair. Now without limbs, and without the possibility of becoming tries to talk to his deceased master, Xaver, revealing to him that through his work, which is killing the people of Eldia, he has saved in some way in the future, and the children of the next generation. The extinction, therefore, is the salvation for Zeke.

But will was really proud Xaver of the work of his pupil?

The chapter concludes with Zeke, in despair, that it leaves explode triggering within himself, and the lance electric anti-giant that held him immobile.

It will be the end of the eldest son of Grisha?

Many are still questions and Isayama will respond in the appropriate seat, or with the chapter 115.

The Attack of the Giants: revealing the betrayal, and the real objective of Zeke is




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