The Attack of the Giants: early details emerge on the final


Published on Jul 06, 2019


WARNING: The article contains SPOILERS!

Starting from July 5, 2019 until September 8, 2019 will be held in Japan a special performance dedicated to The Attack of the Giants on the manga written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama, which not only will be revealed illustrations of the work famous all over the world, but it will be revealed, at least in audio format, the ending of the entire story.

The special performance takes the name of “FINAL Manga Exhibition” and, since he had the beginning, the staff has warmly invited all those present to listen to what awaits them (and us) in the final of the great work.

Please note that this is not a sound in which the characters speak out through their original voices, but rather it is a question of hearing sounds that leave perceive what might happen. Therefore, have surfaced online, these feelings generated by the sounds of the final and it seems that future prospects no good.

Just before learning the audio, here's how the staff invites fans to come forward (courtesy of @AttackonFans):

“Come closer and listen carefully. You can hear the sound of the end of history“.

Behind these doors inside #AttackOnTitan Exhibition FINAL is the "ending" in audio format 😱

Like now...
Listen closely.

You can hear the sound
of the end of the story...


— Attack On Fans (@AttackOnFans) July 4, 2019

Here is what emerges from the final, in both written and audio, from the report of @AoTWiki and SNKNews:

“The audio represents the imagination of the scene at the end. There are sounds of fire, explosions and battle. The people shouting and crying from a long distance. After all of this you can hear the exciting sound of the typical equipment three-dimensional“.

Fixing Brackets ⚠️ Manga Spoilers, Fixing Brackets ⚠️

Attack on Titan: Final Exhibition – the Manga Ending


— Attack on Titan Wiki (@AoTWiki) July 4, 2019

Fixing brackets ⚠ #AttackOnTitan Exhibition FINAL (leaked audio) fixing brackets ⚠

This is the audio of the "ending" (no spoiler alert though), so listen closely 🔊

— Attack On Fans (@AttackOnFans) July 6, 2019

And then these are the feelings that lead to the end of the work. Everything seems to end as began, that is, with a battle and now we just have to wait again before discovering what we see and how we will get to such sounds of cries, of battle and tears.

Remember that the manga might end in a year or two, then it is a question really of time now and in the last special edition dedicated to the author of the japanese the latter has revealed the draft of the final table, which you can watch by clicking here.

Regardless of the manga, remember, finally, that Sunday, June 30, 2019 was the ending of the third season animated episode 59 and the fourth series will debut in the Fall of 2020. The fourth season is named as the final one.

The Attack of the Giants is a japanese manga series Shonen horror, fantasy and action, written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. In Japan, manga is published (monthly) from September 2009 by Kodansha in the magazine Bessatsu Shonen Magazine. Today were published in 119 chapters and the first 114 are collected in 28 volumes. In Italy, the manga is published by Planet Manga with 27 volumes are available.

The manga inspired an animated series that aired for three seasons: the first in 2013, consisting of 25 episodes; the second in 2017 with 12 episodes; the third season with 22 episodes. The episodes you can view for free on VVVVID (Dynit).

The Attack of the Giants: early details emerge on the final




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