The application of iSpazio update: fixed issues with the Push, it reverts to the previous sound and more


Published on Oct 26, 2018


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It is available in the App Store the version 3.1.7 of the official app iSpazio. This new update fixes a (serious) problem with Push Notifications, and not only. Below are all the details.

1. We have recently changed the system for Push Notifications, and with the previous update, many users had not appeared, the notice to re-enable them. Hence they could get. Now, with this version, the first opening you will see a pop-up permission for Push Notifications. Accepted in such a way to switch to the new service and receive them regularly. (If there is, you are already supported on the new service).

2. We have resolved the problems with the loading of the articles. If in the past the opening of the application was not uploaded anything, now you should not have any more problems. The loading can take up to 1.5 seconds more than a few months ago because of the changes that we are making to the server, but in any case, the articles should load perfectly now.

3. Restored the functionality of “Home Limited”. You can again switch between the application and complete the application in a shortened version through the Settings.

4. Due to popular demand, we have restored the “Pochin”, or the sound that we used previously with Push Notifications

5. As soon as we receive positive feedback on the operation of the Push Notifications, you'll restore the images to the inside of the Notifications themselves.

Again, we thank you for the great participation and the affection shown. With your email signaling we are managing to improve our product and we will always continue to do so.

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