The application of iSpazio receives a big update with several fixes and the introduction of Machine Learning!


Published on May 11, 2018


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Only 6 days ago we have released an update for the application iSpazio and today we present you another really special. We suggest you to read this article thoroughly to understand how far we are pushed with our application.

We have introduced a great innovation within the application. The case of the Notifications to be Reduced. Entering in the settings, you can choose to activate the Full Notifications, or Notifications to be Reduced.

And it is here that we apply the Machine Learning, then at the beginning you will receive still “quite a push” (even if they will still be small) but then with time, the application will learn to understand your tastes on the basis of information that you read in full and those that jump. Therefore, with time, the application will become ever more sophisticated and intelligent up to make you receive only the Notifications you care about it!

This function is made possible by the new API of Apple that protect the privacy of the users. None of us, nor the same Apple, you will receive information about your interests that will be saved on-device (on your iPhone) and never communicated. All of the intelligent system of learning will happen on your device, and no information will ever be shared.

It is a step forward really huge and we are proud to be the first app to take this path. Therefore, we recommend that you enable Push Notifications, even if previously you chose to turn them off (maybe because they were too many in one day). To re-enable the push, open the Settings of iOS, browse through the list of apps until you find iSpazio, revenue, and make sure that all switches are green within the Notification area. Then open the application iSpazio, in the left side menu go to the voice Settings and turn on Notifications to be Reduced.

Again, we thank you for your feedback and your reviews on the App Store.

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