The Apple Watch Series 4 will have two huge failings in Italy: you will not make the ECG (electrocardiogram) and do not warn you about heart irregularities


Published on Sep 15, 2018


In addition to all the difficulties that we have in Italy with the use of the version of the Cellular model of the Apple Watch Series 4, because of the monopoly of Vodafone, you need to know that this year, the new clock will be a bit mutton in Italy compared to the United States. Some of the features that you saw during the presentation will not be available in our Country.

And a really cute one that basically allows to have the chart as a kind of electrocardiogram on our device with a transcript of detailed results on the iPhone and the possibility of sharing them with a doctor in PDF format. The Apple Watch Series 4 is the first commercial device that can do something and the feature is a bit’ throat at all. What you need to know about it, however, you will definitely not like it:

The FDA (the u.s. government agency that deals with the regulation of food and pharmaceutical products) has given his blessing to this function, but not its total approval. There is a difference, in fact in the process of revision of the equipment that fell under the analysis of the FDA: some get the stamp “approved” and others are marked with a simple “cleared“. To this category belong the devices that can cause damage to individuals but that offer results with a validity that will be proven by professional instruments as they can not at all replace them, or compensate them in any way. Other devices are “cleared” are, for example, the pregnancy tests that do not cause damage but are not 100% reliable. The Apple Watch has got the term “de novo” which applies only to devices with functions that do not have a history or that are not possible on other similar devices.

Clarified this subtle difference, none of us (probably) has ever thought that an Apple Watch could replace a professional piece of equipment. In the clinic, in fact, to get an ECG are used in many electrodes to be placed in different areas of the chest and of the body so that they can capture all the impulses coming from the heart. The Apple Watch will use a simple sensor that will measure the beats, but this time all has also been linked to the crown digital is capable of recording the electrical impulse which releases each beat of the heart (through the arms). Through this system, the clock can (more or less) to simulate an electrode, and trace the curves to provide the results.

1. The thing that will make you stay evil is not so much that the ECG will not start by default inside the Apple Watch Series 4 with watchOS 5. This function, in fact, will arrive by the end of 2018 (towards Christmas). The news more bad news is that will only work in the United States, then Italy is excluded! In the future it will be extended to other Countries so we can kill the hopes, but for sure we will not be able to use it very soon. It will remain to be see if changing the Country in Settings and choosing the United States, we will see appear in the application to ECG or not. In the end, it is likely that the ruse will work, a bit like what happens with the Apple app News, but we can not assicurarvelo.

Another nice feature of the new Apple Watch Series 4 is its ability to automatically track the heartbeat and studying the data obtained to detect irregular heart rhythms (known as arrhythmias / atrial fibrillation) or heart rate unusually high / low that could be signs of a health condition that is serious. The app segnalarà in addition, if your heartbeat increases or drops below a specified threshold. Many people have this kind of diseases but do not realize it until it is too late, because often they do not recognize the symptoms or simply do not warn them and of the consequences of the diseases are not diagnosed nor treated. Apple Watch Series 4 was designed with the ability to control the state of the heart, and automatically notify the user via a Push Notification. In this way, the user takes note and may have to undergo a medical examination.

2. Well, in the official press release, there is written, (between the notes in small): The notification for the anomalies of the cardiac rhythm will be available during this year (USA only). Therefore, even in this case, the function will not be available immediately, but it will come with a software update towards the end of the year. What is worse is that it will arrive only in the United States, at least at the beginning. In Italy it may arrive later.

Actually in Apple official site Italia, in the section “Health” is missing the whole part that advertises the EGC, then the function is not even mentioned because it will not be present (at least for quite some time). As far as the function of the notification on the irregular heart beat however, the Italian site clearly explains all, with lots of images and then between the two the latter is more likely, which may also arrive in Italy in the next few months.

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