The Apple TV could revolutionize the gaming industry but instead it is a flop


Published on Oct 15, 2018


When Apple launched the new Apple TV with App Store integrated and the possibility of adding the iPhone as a controller, we all thought that this new device could be the forerunner of a console or better yet, replace them.

At the beginning the developers are bringing a variety of games on the new device but in the end they got only limited results. Apple it is not giving the due importance, the accessory is not promoted in any way, and then declining interest on the part of users. Often those who have an Apple TV don't think that they could use it to play.

Today it is used more as a domestic Hub, so that the accessories HomeKit can be controlled even at a distance, instead of as a games platform. Even the developers of Minecraft have decided to withdraw the game from this platform.

The Apple TV is still full of charm and has great potential, it should be only better exploited by Apple. Even in the last few software updates, the news have been few and have covered most of the enjoyment of the video without the slightest nod to the games. According to some, in order to improve the situation, Apple should launch a controller from the console and include it in the package, it should then improve your marketing on the entire operating system and invest to get the big exclusive, by attending trade fairs in the sector.

Maybe for Apple this is too much of a commitment at the moment. The company seems to be more interested in macOS this year, primarily because of the project, Marzipan, after an enormous period which has been focused exclusively on iOS. It is curious, however, how a company of such proportions can't dedicate at least 10 employees in the development of the Apple TV.

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