The Ancient Magus Bride: new manga spin-off theatre show


Published on Mar 09, 2019


The official web site of The Ancient Magus’ Bride (Maho Tsukai no original video animation directed) has announced that the work of Kore Yamazaki will have two manga spin-off, arriving at the beginning of April on the app Manga Door for iOS and Android devices.

The first is titled Maho Tsukai no original video animation directed Shihen.75 Inazuma Jack to Yosei Jiken and is illustrated by Mako Oikawa on the screenplay by Yu him to move out:

The second is titled Maho Tsukai no original video animation directed Shihen.108 Majutsushi no Ao, and is designed by Isuo Tsukumo for the texts of Makoto Sanda:

Both the anime and manga are supervised by the same Yamazaki.

In addition, the work will be a theatrical adaptation, written by the scriptwriter of the animated series Aya Takaha, will be staged at the Owlspot Theater in Tokyo from 5 to 14 October 2019; Haruka Kudo will play Chise Hatori, Naotaka Kamino will play the role of Elias.

Finally, the same the official site has posted an animated video for the story arc “Gakuin” of the manga, which was launched last May. Spoiler alert!

In Japan, The Ancient Magus ' Bride is in progress from 2013 (11 volumes at the time); Italy is published by Editions Star Comics (9 volumes so far):

Chise Hatori has only fifteen-years-old but has already lost everything, no longer has a family or hopes for the future. One day, however, appears in front of a mysterious mage who offers them a tempting opportunity of redemption...

Can trust this mysterious and intriguing individual? And what ever it wants from you?! There are two options in the game: o the help to recover from his sad fate or the will to plummet even lower, in the darkness of the darkest...

The animated series is available on Crunchyroll.

Source: ANN

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