The AlpTransit, “we Transfer to our train to Andromeda. We will have more time for decisions”

Published on Apr 14, 2017

The theme of the AlpTransit continues to be a key theme of our territory, also thanks to the stance of the mayors of the municipalities on which insists the railway line Zenna-Luino-Laveno Mombello-Sesto Calende-Gallarate. Only yesterday the statements of the mayor of Luino, Andrea Pellicini, which will ask in a loud voice to the Ministry of Transport for a greater expansion of the line-Laveno-Sesto Calende with regard to passenger trains. Today, however, there are arrived in the office some of the thoughts of Diego Intraina. The AlpTransit, “we Transfer to our train to Andromeda. We will have more time for decisions”. We note, with some concern derived from the experience of these past few months, the assembly of mayors, which met Laveno Mombello has given a mandate to the mayor of Luino, to set the Order of the Day, or would it be better to say the coordination of the required infrastructure to expose to the Prefect and to the Railways, on the quality and enhancement of the passenger service and safety for the transit of dangerous goods, and any compensatory works (as far as we are aware, there is no clarity). Immediately there come to mind two questions to the mayor of Luino, which arise from discussions of these past days in the different environments that are not parificabili to the bar: the mayor knows something about the recent discussions about the likely changes to the timetable of bus replacement in the months of the closure of the railway? The mayor is aware of the problems relating to the delivery terms of the railway works, which should slip from December 2017 to April 2018, or to be more clear that the railway will be closed until April 2018? Are two questions that may seem trivial compared to the problems of the world, but obviously, if they were true, would create a serious problem of trust: why the local Authorities are always the last to know the decisions taken by the Institutions concerned: RFI, State, Region or Province? Or, as ever, if in the know, the local Authorities do not communicate these changes to the population and better still, the users of the service? It is now more than a year that the local policy leaves the commuter service in the stress of expectation, without communicating any possible and probable solution. The Stress that, unfortunately, does not seem to want to decrease, but increase, given that it is obliged to deal with a spacetime field dilated well-four more months (total 11 months). To avoid falling into the controversy of the individual needs of the user, we transfer the problem of stress in the security sphere, and alas, we verify the same sensitivity. I would like to make notice to the auditors that they, while being an expression of the representation, are not permitted to deal in the “solitude” of the issues of importance as safety, and therefore, it would be important that you rapportassero with the population; democratic action that would not useless, since it would allow them to acquire and share solutions with the carriers consent. The sensitivity and the political intelligence would have definitely recommended, it is for these reasons regarding the meaning of the representation (that you can only remember in the debates or election in respect of the Entities above) and to the corrosive stress of expectation, the immediate publication of the minutes of the discussion of the meeting of Laveno, where it is presumed (at least so we believe), obviously, it will be agreed collective strategy to use with the Prefect, but unfortunately I have to say that nothing to date has been done. At this point, it's the umpteenth question: is shame inconclusive or it is an abuse of power? Or are we to think that Nietzsche was right: we are living in a fairy tale, and Einstein, despite having reason, was wrong when assumed in his “theory of relativity”, that the present is not a moment but an intermediate zone is formed by an “extended present” calculated by him a few nano-seconds, time to turn editable depending on the location of the calculation. Perhaps, with a bit of humor, if he had known the current Italian politics would have changed his theory. Our policy calculates the “extended present” with a space-time fable, most dilated (extended present of Mars 15 minutes of Andromeda two million years ago). Space-time, where all of their actions are related in each and every moment to a pluridilatato extended present, ignoring the fact that there is always a space-time past and probably a space-time future. The policy has managed to revolutionize the theory of Einstein.

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