The AlpTransit, Luino open to the comparison with the RFI for the level crossing. The instances of the common

Published on Apr 20, 2017

A session of the Commission the Territory is very interesting that yesterday evening, which saw for the first time, the municipality of Luino, to open up publicly to the comparison with the RFI, which is discussed at length in the AlpTransit, including level crossings, safety, works compensation, issues and future projects in the program. During the institutional meeting were read, also all the instances of the municipalities in which it insists the line, expressed by the first citizens in the meeting of 7 April to Laveno Mombello. The AlpTransit, Luino open to the comparison with the RFI for the level crossing. The instances of common. To open the session of the Commission the Territory, presided yesterday afternoon from the president Laura Frulli, was the mayor of Luino, Andrea Pellicini, assisted by municipal technicians, in order to discuss the future of the level crossings via Voldomino and via San Pietro, in view of the work on the railway line and the future AlpTransit. “The order of the day, which will be brought to city council by the end of the month will be based on the subject of the safety of the line,” said Pellicini, which has continued introducing in particular the planned interventions. “The works proposals are an underpass in the area of the former Visnova, which will be 10 meters wide, and will include a pedestrian path and a bretellina in via San Pietro in order to facilitate the disposal of the traffic in via Bernardino Luini”. The novelty in regard to the area of the former customs, however, does not stop here: the mayor has announced, in fact, that negotiations are ongoing with the current owner of the area to define an agreement for more useful projects to the community. To intervene then, it was Aldo Colombo, the director general of the Directorate-General for Infrastructure and mobility of the Lombardy Region, that has introduced the technicalities of the projects planned and already presented by the mayor Pellicini. In a context of strengthening of the european rail connections, it is “making more competitive our territory, and from the economic point of view. RFI understands the importance of supporting the adaptation of this railway track – continues Colombo -. We managed to get a total budget of 30 million euros to invest in this direction.” On the territory there are thirty-two passages that present problems related to the passage of the convoys affected by AlpTransit. “The economic resources obtained are not enough to resolve all the issues that have arisen,” continued Colombo. The province of Varese has thus drawn up a list of priorities and of the relative distribution of resources available and it was decided to continue in the direction that allows you to carry out operations for the three situations considered, in fact, “priority”, such as those of Lancashire, and the other three that you have as less sensitive. “In a context like this, each priority project has an impact at the local level – concludes the engineer, Colombo -. In no place there is the solution that solves everything, because the proposal brings advantages and disadvantages. Must be evaluated both”. And here, in addition to the words of the architect Stefano Introini on the agreement between RFI and the Region of Lombardy, which has estimated costs for the works of compensation to Luino, about 3.5 million euros, was also presented to the time schedule, the work should be completed in mid-2019. To criticize RFI and common, has been the councillor Enrica Nogara, who has expressed his concerns. “To date, in my opinion, it still lacks the involvement of the population with necessary and urgent for public meetings, which lead to a detailed knowledge of the spending commitments which will face our town in the face of considerable inconvenience for the population between the roads, depreciation of the houses and the noise. If the money promised by the province, the Region and the RFI will not be enough, who will pay the round, the more grafts and all of the projects? Estimates of costs will be communicated to the shipyards open? Indispensable on the part of the mayor will be a bargaining tough with RFI to also have the pedestrian underpass of via Voldomino. Who will pay, instead, with the mandate to assess the cracks to the church and to the homes of Colmegna? Our request, in addition, is to have a detailed knowledge of all security plans and alarms, especially on the location of potential fires and leaks of chemicals from the convoys of the goods”. Of the same opinion, also the members of the minority, Giuseppe Taldone, who says she is worried about security issues, and John Petrotta, who has shared the words of the colleague Nogara. The referent of the RFI present in the room, Aldo Colombo, together with the mayor Pellicini, has expressed confidence in the negotiations for the convention that will be signed in the coming weeks, in order to be able to better manage the situation starting from the preliminary designs. “And our priority – says Colombo – ensure that the railway line is safe, secure, and protects the population, as it is the same way for the municipality”. Shortly after, however, between the public and the members of the commission, there has been some bickering in relation to security, but that has allowed equally to continue the session until its conclusion. The issues of environmental, landscape, hydrological and traffic, however, in the meeting between the mayors in Laveno, of last 7 April, have been long discussed, because of the increase in the number of freight trains that pass on the line, worry about all of the first citizens, despite the assurances of the RFI. The mayor of ticino in the Gambarogno, Tiziano Ponti, in this regard, has initiated special procedures involved in negotiating the measures and useful interventions to mitigate the impact of the extension of the line to the territory, expressing concerns about security for convoys coming from the south, but the Federal Government and the Swiss Railways are committed to provide guarantees for the trains coming from Italy. Applications submitted by all the municipalities concerned. Castelveccana has asked if they will arrive ready answers to the problems of hydro-geological, slope above the railway line and the issue of security in the main gallery of the line that are interested in Laveno and Castelveccana. Vergiate has urged to make the team and the system as a community affected by the line to seek adequate measures and compensation of territorial, because the citizens will find themselves among a little something that no one wanted to without any advantage and a source of hazards. In addition, he proposed to adopt, in the municipal councils, as it was then subsequently approved, a specific order of the day shared, to represent the concerns, and then arrange for a legal duty by sharing the expenses. Monvalle reported not to have knowledge of who is the interlocutor to whom to turn, not having even a schedule of the interventions. From Monvalle, moreover, spend only freight trains and there are more opportunities for passengers. Luino has proposed to appoint a legal ask for conferring an office professional for the legal assistance to the municipalities in comparison with RFI on safety issues. Ispra has complained about the lack of planning in the overall line, while Maccagno with Pino and Veddasca, finally, he proposed to ask for a meeting to the Minister. The debate between the parties, with mayors and the population of the one part, and RFI and the Region of Lombardy on the other, continues to hold the counter, entering more and more into the details of the projects and how it will be revolutionized the railway line and all that surrounds it at the level of the urban environment. Between the increase in the frequency of trains, noise and vibration, there will be to do the important controls, analysis and studies on the measurements of the decibel and the monitoring of the vibration, and the inspections in the buildings concerned, but in addition to this, there are also relations between organizations and institutions to create incentives to limit the most critical issues from every point of view.

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