The agreement between Netflix and Mediaset: 5 films in production including “Under the sun of Riccione”


Published on Oct 08, 2019


Netflix and Mediaset have announced today the first partnership to produce a series of Italian movies that can be appreciated by the public all over the world. This partnership represents an innovation in its genre, as it combines the forces of a service on-demand entertainment and tv broadcasting group is a generalist.
Netflix and Mediaset will select and invest jointly in a series of movies in the language
Italian, made in Italy and produced by independent producers in italy. These films, which
include creators in their debut as voices experienced and well-known, will be launched in a world preview on Netflix as an original movie from 2020 onwards, and will be broadcast exclusively and free on the linear channels of Mediaset twelve months after the launch of Netflix, an interval that is halved compared to the usual.

Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, said: "We are thrilled to be working with Mediaset, one of the broadcasters, the most important in Europe, giving life to a series of films "Made in Italy" made by Italian producers in the independent. We will work with both new professionals – that so far have not had the chance to tell their stories to the world – both with actors and directors known and established at the international level. Italy has a long tradition in cinema and we are confident that these films can be appreciated by the global audience".

Pier Silvio Berlusconi, the ceo of Mediaset: "it's an honor to tighten an exclusive agreement with the modern society, global and innovative, like Netflix. And it is also an honour to see recognized the leadership of Mediaset in Italy in the production of content. In fact, Mediaset is already the leader in Italy and Spain. And in the near future due to the dimension of our european project MFE-MediaForEurope we will strengthen agreements like this, and that's great news for the whole industry of the cinema and of Italian production. By combining the capabilities of Mediaset and the power of Netflix will be able to get new investment and new opportunities for the system".

The partnership will give life to 5 movies for the moment, here they are below:
Produced by Indigo Film
Directed by Francesco Lettieri
Short synopsis: the Story of the formation and of a friendship between generations, set in the world of ultras during the last five weeks of the football championship.

Produced by Lucky Red
Directed by Younuts! (Niccolò Celaia & Antonio Buckler)
Short synopsis: it Is immediately friendship for a group of teenagers on holiday on the crowded beaches of Riccione and grappling with relationship problems, love stories and appointments.

Produced by Lebowski
Directed by Rocco Ricciardulli
Brief Synopsis: In the Italy of the years ’50, a peasant farmer from fighting for better working conditions, but
things become complicated when he falls in love with the daughter of a landowner.

Produced by Fabula
Directed by Letizia Lamartire
Brief synopsis: A review of 22 years of career of the football star Roberto Baggio
includes the hard to debut as a player and the differences with some of the coaches.

Produced by Cinemaundici
Directed by Massimiliano Camaiti
Short synopsis: A summer adventure born under the sicilian sun soon becomes a painful
the history of love, which requires a boy and a girl to grow up too fast.

Also the talent involved to present to the panel have had their say:
Enrico Vanzina, writer of “Under the sun of Riccione”: “Under the Sun of Riccione is a
project very special and unique for me, because it is not only a new vision of comedy
romantic for Italy and from Italy, but also brings together a team of young and creative talents, in front and behind the camera – including me :). Thanks to this partnership, not only the Italian public, but also of an audience of global travelers, to live a wonderful summer of love in Italian” .

Riccardo Scamarcio, actor and producer of ‘The last Paradise”: “I Wanted to make this film for quite some time, but I was waiting for the right partner. “The Last Paradise” is a film very important, is for me a double challenge, as an actor and producer, and are excited about the opportunity to freely pursue my creative inspiration to bring this project to life”.

Olivia Musini, producer of “On the same wave”: “as soon as I came in contact with
Netflix, I realized that both shared the same passion for this film. I was quite shocked by the speed with which they have decided to go ahead, especially because a story like that of my film is not often produced in Italy. And, more so, my team is excited to speak to a wide audience, both Italian and globally and through this partnership”.

Letizia Lamartire, director of “The divine ponytail”: “I Am very happy to have the opportunity to
take a challenge and so exciting – to share the story of one of the largest
legends of Italian football and bring a female point of view to the story. I want to tell
the story of Roberto Baggio, and this partnership allows me to show the world all his life, not only his football career”.

Nicola Giuliano, producer of “the result”: “When Francesco Lettieri and I have shared our idea on the Result with Netflix, and Mediaset, the response was: “We make a beautiful film!”. Have partners such as Netflix and Mediaset in support of the investment on new authors and new stories, and a signal is very strong for the industry and for young people who are new to the world of the audiovisual.

The agreement between Netflix and Mediaset: 5 films in production including “Under the sun of Riccione” is




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