The AGCM fined TIM and Wind for the practical renewal of 28 days

Published on Aug 08, 2016

The adjustments are the order of the day; in addition to the tweaks to the upside, the operators we have (unfortunately) accustomed to a second practice: the reduction of the period of validity of tenders, with consequent increase of the costs on annual scale.

In other words: the renewals of 28 days.

Precisely in this regard, comes news that the Antitrust authority has recently fined TIM and Wind on a theme linked: due to the practices imposed in the phase of reorganisation that involved the renewals of 28 days, the two managers will be charged a digit 410.000 and 455.000 euro.

The fine, as it reads on the website of AGCM, it's not about the remodel itself (what is actually expected by many), but taxation, on the part of managers to the conditions of early withdrawal.

In particular, TIM would have required in – phase termination cause for unilateral changes – the charge in a single solution of the remaining instalments of the products possibly combined with the sale of the contract and the payment of additional penalties in the case of the step advance to another provider.

The Wind, however, would have required, moreover, the recovery of the discount applied to promotional rates in the event of early termination of the contract consequent to the unilateral alteration of the terms.

The change was also made in a market context and according to timelines that, taken as a whole, all helped to influence the customers ' decision concerning the exercise of the said withdrawal.

In a nutshell, to change the validity period of the bids from 30 to 28 days has not been judged improper; incorrect instead it was an attempt to charge additional costs to the user for a unilateral changes which, by law, impose by law the full gratuity in case of early withdrawal.

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