The advances of Friends 19 reveal if Skioffi remains in the school: there is the verdict


Published on Nov 22, 2019


A week of controversy, the chatter on the social first and then on all sites dealing with television. An external commission special, to make a decision. And’ what happened after the special episode of Friends 19, the first episode of this edition. And all the chaos that was created by the Skioffi and its texts, in particular one, Yolandi.

In the episode of the day time of Friends, 19 in the wave today, we have listened to all the opinions of the special committee ( read here the opinions of all experts called to judge). Were the members of the commission to decide if Skioffi deserved or less a second chance and then the opportunity to do the challenge with Gabriel, the other singer with judgment suspended.

This afternoon in Rome have recorded the special episode of Friends 19, which will be aired tomorrow on Channel 5. We can then tell you in our anticipations of what has happened. If you don't like spoilers do not continue reading!

The commission then voted, tomorrow we will understand better what were the reasons, though now, from the words of the present, emerged a point of view in favour of a second chance for the singer. And, in fact, at the end Skioffi has had the opportunity to stay in school and to challenge Gabriel, who was the other competitor candidate to the bench.

In the special episode of Friends 19 that we'll see then tomorrow, you will take on the challenge Skioffi and Gabriel. And lo and behold, in the end the victory went right to Skioffi. After a week of controversy, of words, and after that it is seen even today with the attitude of Skioffi to some of those present, at the end everything ended as if nothing actually happened.

Skioffi enters in the Friends school 19.

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