The Achille Lauro, Enrico Nigiotti and Brig crazy Mara Venier: show ON a Sunday


Published on Feb 10, 2019


Mara Venier does not have the item and will not be in good shape but in the episode of the day today gave thanks to the guests who come on the stage, a great show. The episode is off to a great start with the Achille Lauro, which just went up on the stage, made her “declaration of love” to Mara. Turning to the presenter of Rai 1 in fact he said to be honored because she never would have thought of having in front of a special woman, an icon in the world of tv as the Mara. The Venier did not expect similar words: “I have to say that I am puzzled,” said Mara, visibly excited by the words of the Achille Lauro. To celebrate this moment, Mara was also asked to Achille Lauro to make a selfie together. And it was the same singer to post with the mobile phone of the Mara, the photos of this memorable shot!

That's the picture that the Achille Lauro and Mara are meant to be together. Fabulous comment by Mara before the shot: “who are You on Instagram? I am Mara dash Venier!

MARA you are a wonderful woman. Sanremo 1969 By Achille Lauro & BossDoms

A post shared by Mara Venier (@mara_venier) date: Feb 10, 2019 at 6:18 PST

But the afternoon's hard Mara Venier has had another moment in which his self-esteem has reached the stars! Enrico Nigiotti coming on the stage of the Ariston theatre to sing his Grandfather's Hollywood began with these words: “I will say one thing, Mara has always been my dream” explaining that he always dreamed of Mara in other areas ( and maybe in other circumstances). The presenter, not at all embarrassed said: “to Expect that perhaps there was the microphone, closed the legal systems so feel it all”. Nigiotti he continued: “When I heard that I would have seen you, you have to see that the messages I sent“. And the presenter: “You have to make to see it.”

And after the scene with Henry is also touched by a Brig arrived in the studio with Patty Pravo. “I look like a boy toy in the middle of the two of you,” said the singer with Mara Venier, who commented: “You'd like“.

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