The 8 souls for the most famous children


Published on Feb 06, 2018


The words has the root Kodomo in japanese means child and is used to indicate those anime and manga that you give as the target viewers/readers to a young audience.

The anime for children are many, the ones that were chosen have two interesting features: the first are among the most famous, popular and long-lived of their kind; the second, all were also released in Italy.

For some it may be a blast from the past, others will be able to find the ideal range to see their children, while others still will choose a good anime for approaching this category.

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Let us not be fooled by the recent re-release, which was launched last summer, the anime original is much more dated and sees the first-season output in October 1994 and in the new millennium, the second.

In Italy, both seasons were released a few years later, but the magic and amazing adventures of the sorceress Kokori and warrior Nike are engraved in the minds of many.

The 8 souls for the most famous children is




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