The 7 souls the sequel to the most anticipated of the fall 2019


Published on Sep 20, 2019


If it were only one or two sagas in the mainstream, that continue the serialization, there might even be a match, but this is not the case. In the autumn, will leave a monstrous amount of second or more seasons, some of which are among the most desired in recent years.

We have chosen a few of them, those that we consider to be the most anticipated.

It was the spring of 2017 when it appeared on the small screen, the animated version of what has been a popular video game. The adjustments to the souls games are always a gamble, but in the case of Grand blue fantasy has managed fairly well.

Animations good, if a bit cumbersome, the characters not bad and the adventures that are left to follow. A fortune that can count on a second season.

There were many to start with so enthusiastic a Radiant, anime shounen of the classic ones, designed for a segment of the public just a teenager. The plot had good conditions and even the protagonist conveyed sympathy, but episode after episode the series has failed to take off, remaining in limbo.

Something did not work, despite this he has managed to gain a certain slice of the public, that's why a few months from the end of the first season, it was announced just a second. We hope that Radiant beginning to mesh.

After the release of the film that a new season of Psycho pass was in the yard was something that was already felt in the air. This autumn, 2019 on the small screen, will air the third season of Psycho pass and what not a little agitation... unfortunately not all positive.

The first series was something spectacular, especially thanks to the setting unusual that the anime is able to create. Then it was decided to create a second, although the story ended in a way more than acceptable, and things did not go well. It remains a mystery what the reserve is the third season, halfway between a desire for redemption and an attempt to replicate the initial success.

The announcement of the end, or of the premature cancellation of the manga depending on the version of food wars, has left fans dismayed. Only a new season of the animated can boost morale. Now in its fourth season, the clash between the Soma and the ten elected goes live.

The difference in terms of skill between the young chef and the genes that dominate the institute is obvious, but Soma has accustomed us to the dishes, stellar and tricks worthy of the best strategists. A season that most likely will not be the last, but is mouth-watering.

We say goodbye to another great series that has been making you company for years. The end of the manga is a piece of news still fresh, and what better way to pay homage to Melodias and friends, if not a new animated series?

With the entry into the scene of the Ten Commandments, the souls has had a sudden turn and very appetizing. The clashes have made more and more epic and important, and the plot had several twists and twists really unexpected. The quality of the animation is great we are in front of a saga that may rival the big animation.

We men and women of little faith that at the end of the first season of the saga of Alicization, passed the exaltation of the ad, we are plunged into a panic, thinking: yes, but when will you ever release the second part?

The producers, however, have done a great job and in a matter of a few months managed to put in the yard the second, and very probably the last part of the saga Alicization. The conditions for the return of the saga of the SAO to his first splendour, we are all... we just hope not to be disappointed.

The souls most awaited sequel, just as has happened with all the other seasons, this fourth series has a load of expectations that are out of the ordinary. The third season ended in a brutal way, the entry in scene of a new hero, considered by many as the future All Might have made it clear that Deku still has a long way to go.

Not to mention the association of the villain who has finally shown its teeth, showing everyone that he is capable of terrible things. So much meat to the fire for an anime that knows how to create hype.

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