The 7 souls the revelation of the season 2018


Published on Jan 27, 2019


The season animated by 2018 has seen the giants and set expectations, however, in each season there were souls who, reading the plot, there seemed nothing of that, but the proof of facts are revealed of the real unexpected surprises.

Series on such as would not have bet two cents, and instead have overturned all the odds. Souls that can be defined of the hidden gems in what has been the year the animated just ended.

Mahou shoujo site

Sweet and cute maghette that you kill brutally each other is a theme that you like and from many points of view there are similarities between this anime, and Mahou shoujo ikusei keikaku. Despite all the differences there are, both at the level of plot and of characters.

The story runs off well, the animations are good and there is even a hint of philosophy. Mahou shoujo site-all cards had to be something “already seen”, instead, has been able to overturn expectations.

The 7 souls the revelation of the season 2018 is




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