The 7 souls from the final did not live up to expectations


Published on Feb 03, 2019


Just when you think that everything is in place, here he comes, right to the last episode there is the slip.

The final of the souls of the following is not always bad, it would be more correct to say that it is not at the quality level that has held for all the episodes. Which is why you can classify it as a series finale did not live up to expectations.

In the descriptions it is made possible to avoid spoilers, for this reason, in some cases, especially if you have not seen the anime, it can be difficult to understand what you are talking about. To resolve the problem, simply retrieve the series and then you can even express your thought.


It is not correct to say that the end of the Erased is bad, senseless or devoid of meaning. The souls from the beginning to the end follows the story how he had imagine his author, he does it with clarity worthy of a good yellow. Knows how to involve and upset, excite, and keep in suspense from the beginning up to the latest beats.

Also, the real ending is acceptable. What is not convincing is the conclusion a little logic and fluid compared to an anime that has kept the domain of the logic and reasonableness to all the episodes.

The 7 souls from the final did not live up to expectations is




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