The 7 light novels sold in 2018


Published on Jan 02, 2019


Before giving a more in depth look at what the novel has won on all, looking at the number of copies sold and comparing it with that of previous years and given immediately catches the eye. The strong and sharp fall in the sector.

For all positions and for all the light novels, the total number of copies purchased by fans dropped sharply, confirming and accentuating a trend that already in the course of 2017 was visible. The future of this genre it still seems uncertain, almost as if he was becoming a world characterized by an increasingly narrow circle of enthusiasts.

If so, should it be, it must be admitted with regret that it is a real shame. Many of the most famous anime known all over the world, that have marked a generation are born right from the pages of the light novel.

Review, more slow and accurate, the novel that launched the writer Reki Kawahara. This is not a simple correction of the first version of Sword Art Online.

The story changes slightly, giving more space to the characters and progressing in small steps. In this way the reader is able to better appreciate the growth of all prisoners of Aincrad.

The SAO is confirmed to be, in spite of everything, a saga that reaches important milestones everywhere lead: video games, anime, movies, manga, and of course the light novels, where it all began.

The 7 light novels sold in 2018 is




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