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Published on Oct 09, 2019


Time to unleash hell at my signal, they sin of movement and speed, but also wars can be well represented by the manga.

This is a theme that is not easy, however, if seen in terms of adventurous and leisure activities, aware that certain scenarios are best left to fiction, then they can be a good pastime.

These are all the manga on the theme of war, however not all of them show violent and raw battles, there were those who represented the all also from other perspectives.

A setting invented, but not very different from our own, the two rival factions in war are the Koukoku and the Teikoku. The protagonist is the first lieutenant of the army Keikoku, Shinjou Naoe.

After a disastrous battle that has decimated the army of Keikoku to Shinjou and his company of a few hundred men is ordered to cover the rear and slow the advance of the immense army Teikoku, which has a population of more than 40,000 soldiers.

Japan, post-apocalyptic, desert and very comfortable because of the damage caused by a world war. Three hundred years later in a small village was born a pair of twins: Tatara and Sarasa. According to the prophecy, they are the leaders predestined that they will be releasing and unificheranno Japan from the clutches of the evil Red King.

Between fights, deaths, wars, and many suffering the young Sarasa must prove to be worthy of becoming a queen.

More than war in the strict sense of the term, the manga of Osamu Tezuka touches on the concept of the political and mental of the term war. The climate is that of the second world war, one of the protagonists, as suggests the title, is Adolf Hitler, while the remaining two are the two children of the name Adolf. The fate of all three characters is tied together by a dangerous secret, of which they are the bearers.

Unlike the first two, the concept of the war is the backdrop to the entire setting of the manga. Although the designs are “strange” if compared with what we are accustomed to see today, The history of the 3 Adolf, as the work is interesting from many points of view.

In a western context where the two opposing armies are called generally the Empire and the Republic, the suspicion that Pumpkin scissors reminders of the second world war is quite strong. The war between the two factions is over, but even after 3 years, the situation is desperate. The people are dying of hunger and bandits plunder and steal from town after town.

The mission of the third section of the imperial army, code-named Pumpkin scissors, is to eliminate the threat and restore order. To put in line the criminals need to force a bit of violence.

Not really a japanese manga, but in the next state of China. The ravages of time is a re-creation of the novel The three kingdoms. The story is about one of the pages in the most fascinating and violent of chinese history, the era of the late Han dynasty and 3 kingdoms.

The work focuses mostly on the the clan of Sima, the young leader Yi Sima is a powerful and highly respected merchant. In possession of great influence, both on the military, economic, the policy is not the only area in which it has the hands in the dough. Few people know that I am the head of an infallible group of mercenaries and assassins, who, with their crimes, they can influence even the political destiny of the country.

Currently in progress and unpublished in Italy, Gunka no Baltzar is set in an alternate universe, but it is very similar to our NINETEENTH century. Baltzar is an ambition soldier in the army of Weiben, with a lot of effort and dedication, can soon obtain the rank of major.

His climbing seems to be going for the best when the higher-ups entrusted him with the oversight of the training of the troops of one state ally. A task seemingly easy, if it were not that the recruits were without discipline, and the whole country is against the use of weapons and war.

Inevitable, when you talk about manga in the war, the first thought is inevitably to the monumental work of Yasuhisa Hara. Able to move and represent clashes titanic involving hundreds of thousands of soldiers, his style is unique and inimitable.

The details of the clashes, as well as the complexity of the strategies, and the morale of the troops are beautifully represented. The extreme chaos of the battle is represented in a way that is clear and fluid from the sensei and Hara. What better scenario for a manga about war, if not that of the warring states in china? Centuries of clashes that have seen dozens of battles.


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