The 7 battles the most epic “Many vs 1”


Published on Sep 03, 2018


They say that in union there is strength, but when on the other hand, there is an opponent far more skilled and powerful, no matter the number of competitors, the battle is already decided.

They are all epic battles, where only one warrior, a master swordsman, or mad, is surrounded by a multitude of enemies and what makes him smile with joy. Just so you can feel the excitement of a battle that deserves to be fought and won.03

Assassination classroom

The super speed of their professor, it is sufficient to understand that, alone, will never be able to defeat him. The task entrusted to the class of the outcasts of 3E is to kill the being that threatens to destroy the planet.

A polyp yellow pervert, good-natured, and that he treats his students like they were his children. Only by uniting the maybe the guys can hope to succeed in this arduous task. Thanks to their individual skills and talents can put into practice plans and strategy impossible if they were alone.

The 7 battles the most epic “Many vs 1” is




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