The 7 battles the most epic “2 vs 1”


Published on Aug 28, 2018


The two combatants, certainly powerful, that join forces to defeat a common enemy who individually could not hope to overcome. A meeting at the last blood 2 against 1. Sure, it goes against the rules of chivalry, however, when at stake there is the future of the world, the honor is to be placed in the second floor.

These are some of the battles more intense and epic that see the two protagonists “good guys” against the evil of round... of course, all choices from the anime series.

Sword art online

A brilliant swordsman ended up in a world where firearms are everything and an infallible cecchina capable of hitting targets several kilometres away. The perfect match to fight the demon that terrorizes all the players of Gun Gale Online.

Also only Death Gun is a formidable enemy, capable of holding up to even the two paladins of justice that must give back all their energies to overcome their trauma and gain the victory.

The 7 battles the most epic “2 vs 1” is




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