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Published on Oct 31, 2019


As usual, every year, the month of October takes us in a particular atmosphere. This situation is suggestive finds its final form in honor of the feast of Halloween. Some await this time of the year with great excitement, in view of being able to devote to the reading or viewing of a work, from the taste typically halloweeniano.

For this reason, even when we MangaForever we respect the tradition. So regardless of whether you're among the more adventurous or not, arm yourself with courage, because we will celebrate this anniversary with a special in the style of Marvel!

Among the many publishing houses, one in particular can disturb constantly the heart of the readers. Of course we are talking about Marvel!

Let's be clear, the latter is mainly known for the creation of comic books devoted to superheroes. Perhaps, however, be amazed to discover that the Marvel, since the beginning has always made courageous choices, by proposing to the readers of the stories of the horror genre, spread in several magazines such as “Tales to Company“, “Tales of Suspense” and “Journey into Mystery“.

Now, several years have passed, but still today in the reading of a book, signed “Marvel Comics” is easy to come across surprises from plain horror, or disturbing. This ability to freeze the blood of the reader, it has been used many times with extreme talent from the different writers who have approached the Marvel Universe, creating new villain, terrifying, or simply revisiting some of the most famous characters through unexpected and new solutions narrative.

Michael Morbius was a brilliant biochemist. After discovered to be suffering from a rare blood disease, Morbius decides to undergo a delicate experimental treatment based on electroshock and vampire bats. The process changed him irreversibly, turning it into a pseudo-vampire.

Like any other vampire, to survive Morbius must feed on the blood and has a natural aversion to the light of the sun. In addition to this, however, the mutation has conferred a variety of powers, such as a strength superhuman, the ability to fly, enhanced speed and the ability to heal quickly.

Morbius, appeared for the first time in "Amazing Spider-Man #101" (1971). In this famous storyline, which introduced the “Six Arm Spider-Man” Peter Parker is tired of being Spider-Man, had developed a solution to eliminate his spider powers. However, the genetic cocktail instead of deleting the DNA of a spider, give the guy four extra arms. To try to reverse the process, Spidey will go to Curt Connors, and here you will be attacked suddenly by Morbius, sparking the transformation of Connors into the Lizard. But after the bite of the vampire, Connors will return to his human form. So it was that Spider-Man and Connors were built to be able to use the blood of Morbius as a cure for the mutation of both.

Also called “Man-Thing“, the Man Thing is a monster from the appearance of the humanoid, consisting mainly of mud and covered with plants and roots all over the body.

The existence of the Man What would seem to be well known to nearly all the heroes of the Marvel Universe. However, its presence is not considered, properly speaking, a threat. Also in the story of Dr. Theodore “Teddy” Sallis, is involved with the science. Ted was recruited by the SHIELD, for the design of a new serum of the super soldier, able to give to its user immunity to all of the main toxic substances.

During a mission in Florida, Ted meets up with the AIM, a subversive organisation in cahoots with his ex-wife, Ellen, who wanted to seize the serum of the super soldier. Because of the chase, Ted injects a sample of the serum and then drown in the swamp. Would have to die, but the combination of the chemical compound with the mystic forces of the swamp, transformed into the hideous creature known as Man-Thing.

Following the mutation, Ted has lost his intelligence, however, the Man Thing is equipped with an apparatus that is sensitive, can perceive in a manner empathetic to the emotions of the other organisms, this causes that attack only if you feel attacked. In response to violent emotions, the Man is What produces Sulphuric Acid which is capable of generating severe burns on contact with the victim.

Dr. Frye was a medical doctor specializing in radiology, especially in chemotherapy. Shaken by the loss of his wife, Frye began to take an interest in death, intrigued by its nature, inevitable and, in a sense believed he had found the key to immortality.

His interest in radiation led him in time to study the research of dr. Bruce Banner. Based on the research of Banner, Frye has prepared a serum and after esserselo injected started to feel younger. This positive feedback has prompted the scientist to it to be administered to his son, “Of”, but shortly after the boy began to bleed, losing blood, and green in just a few seconds it died horribly. It will not be long that the effects of the serum start to appear on the same Dr. Frye, giving to his skin a green glow. Then will escape in the mountains starting to kill anyone who crossed his path.

Frye collided with the Hulk in the recent “Immortal " Hulk #2” (2018). After hearing the story of Frye, the giant of jade will not be in the slightest shaken, but ironically admit that, instead of having defeated the death, which inevitably is transformed himself into what he feared.

Cletus Kasady was a dangerous serial killer, already well-known since childhood for a series of murders. From a child he pushed his Grandmother and she fell from the stairs and he tortured the dog of his mother, Fifi.

As if that were not bad enough, his life is disrupted completely in the moment in which it will bind to the symbiont, Carnage. At the time of its debut, Kasady is presented simply as the cell mate of Eddie Brock. Unexpectedly, the symbiont Venom will break in the cell Brock, by binding again to your host, leaving Kasady a surprise, or a new symbiont.

Unlike Venom, Carnage is unstable mentally and is extremely prone to violence and torture. In addition, the symbiont of Carnage, with a series of characteristics of the symbiont Venom is normally free. Not to mention the more recent “Absolute Carnage“, where the symbiont has absorbed the codex of a number of other symbionts. Carnage has a greater force than that of Spider-Man and Venom, and is equipped with a higher speed. Can also modify the shape of their own hands, transforming them into claws, or sharp blades.

Although its main host is Kletus Kasady is worth mentioning that the symbiont has also had other guests over the years. Including the same Ben Reilly, at the time in the role of Spider-Man and, more recently, Norman Osborn, the union of which gave birth to the Red Goblin.

Doctor Otto Octavius is in every sense, the villain less disturbing in this list. But not all of you know that at a certain point of its history, in the comics... Doctor Octopus found himself face to face with death.

“Amazing Spider-Man #600” (2009), written by Dan Slott and illustrated by John Romita Jr. offers us a funny story as it is unsettling, with the intent of completely changing our conception of the Doctor Octopus. The idea was also quite simple.

With the passage of time, Eight has always suffered heavy blows, clashing constantly with super human in the implementation of his evil plans. Not being endowed with any particular power in addition to his mechanical arms and his precious intelligence, the body of Octavius succumbed to the blows suffered, possibly damaging. Now the condition of Eight is degenerative and the remaining 18 months of life.

In this little precious time, Octavius decides to take mentally, the control of New York city, connecting to every electronic device in the city, realizing his ultimate plan. But the latter will be ruined by Spider-Man and the Avengers. Following this event, the Octopus will not give up in the slightest, but will return with the promise of creating something great and even more terrible.

Mefisto is a dangerous demon, extra-dimensional, the origins of which are currently unknown. This mysterious entity, he lives in the Marvel Universe in an alternate dimension, ruling the reality of their own, which he defines as “Hell”.

Born from the pen of Stan Lee, Mephisto is the symbol of absolute evil for the collective imaginary. Its appearance resembles that of Satan, though of course this character is new and different.

Mephisto, in his primordial form, has the only purpose to deceive mortals by offering them of the agreements, in exchange for their souls. His powers are powerful and unlimited, being able to alter the very essence of reality. In his long career, has met with almost all the Marvel heroes, using tricks that are always different




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