The 50 books to read 2015

Published on Dec 15, 2015

As every year, arrived at the end we dedicate ourselves to lists and controliste; things to do, those you want to recover. Video games to try out, and the tv series to watch. And the books, of course, to read. The fifty titles that we offer are fifty novels, including thrillers, thriller, love stories, fantasy, biographies, and autobiographies. There are also the comics, a narrative force worthy of the best book. Many Italian and less foreign. Only one promise: there are no Bruno Vespa, or Federico Moccia. Have a good read.

1. Moments of negligible happiness, Francesco Piccolo
Francesco Piccolo is not to be subtle: it takes the life – the life of every day, the life of each of us – and passes it on to the magnifying glass with irony and punctuality. It is us and our thoughts. And as we face each moment of our day: if you smiling, joking, kidding, or cashing in (good or bad) of disappointment. As far as we can find it, the happiness is there, it passes and we don't we even realize – is a happiness that is negligible, but equally sweet. Species in the memories.

2. Perfidia, by James Ellroy
America is infamous and unscrupulous that the protagonist of the new novel by James Ellory; America is the homeland of non-heroes, and of men, cowardly, terrible, who indulge in the passions and fears. We are in the years of the second world war and perfidy is that of a person who has no pity for his neighbors, and condemned only by the color of the skin, and by the diversity.

3. The sexual life of our ancestors, Bianca Pitzorno
It happens that even members of our extended family – our grandparents, and why not: our great grandparents – to have sex. The Pitzorno tells this truth in a book for adults, where the protagonist is a woman and her past, where the player is accompanied, hand-in-hand, in a story that smacks of rediscovery, courage and, above all, dignity.

4. I know that outside it is spring, Concita De Gregorio
The De Gregorio journalist gives way to the De Gregorio storyteller, and the result is a story – inspired by true facts, the chronicle – which has the bitter aftertaste of life and pain. The protagonist is a woman, a mother, deprived of her daughters and abandoned by her husband. His story speaks of courage and of love, and of power: that you need to go next.

5. The lake, Banana Yoshimoto
A history that lasts at least thirty years: beginning with the career of Yoshimoto writer, and who continues, without, however, ending it completely with his new book, The lake. Back to the story of the life with all its facets, to return the protagonists are real and the suffering, and returns a great author.

6. Men without women, by Haruki Murakami
It is a collection of short stories in which Murakami lays bare all the protagonist, with its bereavements, its tragedies and its losses. This is not a book about the women who suffer men but, on the contrary, of the affected men, broken in spirit by the women.

7. Ya – The Battle of Campocarne, Roberto Recchioni
It marks the debut as a novelist Roberto Recchioni. It is a fantasy: not only perfect for the youngest audience but also for the one more adult. It is the first book of a trilogy. Very reminiscent of some board games, old-style, such as D&D. The main character is a guy. And everything is focused on the importance of (good) stories.

8. Do not get off in Naples, Antonio Pascale
Against-help piccata and interesting. Antonio Pascale takes us to Naples, he says; go to common places, only to sfatarli, and show us a face that is unique, beautiful in its cruelty, the capital of campania. Recommended to everyone, napolisti or less.

9. Anna, by Niccolò Ammaniti
The great return of Niccolò Ammaniti. Someone, without exaggeration, has defined this as his best novel. We are in Sicily at a post-epidemic. The protagonist is a little girl, Anna. There are more adults, the swarth away from the disease. It is a world of children, a bit like in The Lord of the Flies.

10. What does not kill you, Davi Lagercrantz
The fourth book – with a different author – the saga Millennium, one of the most famous and fortunate of the last few years. Return to Lisbeth and Mikael, and this time will face the dangers of the international level. Between secret services, the Russian mafia and the ghosts of the past.

11. News that they were not, of Luca Sofri
The title says it all: Luca Sofri tells a pervasive phenomenon, that is, to bring false news on the news sites and newspapers. It is an excellent care – a great antidote, if you prefer – against the buffaloes chronic acchiappalike.

12. The age of fever, minimum fax
An anthology that brings together some of the best names of the Italian writers most young people. On the cover, a drawing of Manuele Fior, who also signed one of the stories (all comics, of course).

13. Obscene acts in a private place, Marco Missiroli
Literature, sex and (good) music. Then there is cinema, there is Milan; there is Paris and there is a certain cultural activism, intellectualism, not harmful but definitely inspiring. The world Missiroli is a world that speaks in the first person, and that manages to involve us as they do only the great novels of the generation.

14. The girl on the train, Paula Hawkins
A woman without anything – without a wedding to return to and a job to go to – takes every morning to the train. It's called the Rachel, is an alcoholic. In his travels is lost in the stories of the other passengers, observing them and studying them carefully. He fell in love with a pair, which she believes “perfect”, and in the short ends to the center of a yellow. The book of Paula Hawkins, bestselling everywhere, long in the top 13 of the New York Times, is a thriller as there are few around: try it to believe it.

15. Couple therapy for the lovers, Diego De Silva
Diego De Silva is back (forgive the inglesismo). Everything from the title to the story, is a paradoxical one. There are two voices, a male and a female. And both tell their point of view on a story, that of two lovers, the clandestine. Love, said De Silva, “is not a normal thing”. And it is true.

16. There is no taste, Gianni Mura
There is no taste to be fooled, to lose, to stumble. There is no taste to like to force a salad. And there is no taste in the mangiarre without passion. The book of Gianni Mura seems to be a tale of restaurants and food, famous chefs and of taverns, and instead is a mosaic of experiences and impressions. There is food, there is taste, there is the author.

17. Young, J. D. Salinger
The story of J. D. Salinger, the enfant prodige of american literature of the last century, we all know: we know of his career, we know of his success in illuminating; but we know little of its beginnings. Youth is a short story that was published in a magazine, the Story, and it paints perfectly what, then, was the society: between the cocktail party, teens, and the chatter from the living room. The title of the book, which collects the other two.

18. Submission, by Michel Hoellebecq
Very topical and difficult to swallow. The book of Michel Hoellebecq has made itself heard when it came out, in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in the drafting of Charlie Hebdo. And is back to talk about it now, post 13 November. It is not the world that we know, but it is a world, anyway, likely. For this interesting.

19. The invention of the mother, of Marco Peano
The mother of Matthias, the protagonist of the book, is dying. He, his father and his girlfriend will have to live and support each other. It is the acceptance of the mourning – until the mourning itself – the theme of the novel of Marco Peano: a novel that, for its vivid, will captivate you.

20. The thief of fog, Lavinia Breasts
In Naples, a new, more gothic and shadowy than the one told on tv and in the newspapers, Antonio M. Source, a writer of success, but forgetful, will eventually discover another world: one in which you forget what you – things, names and people – find a place. It is a fantasy that reminds us, even so vaguely, the Shadow of the wind Zafòn for tone and setting.

21. The golden lion, Wilbur Smith
Another long-awaited return of this year: the Wilbur Smith and family Courtney. We are in east Africa: and here come the intrigues, disputes, and stories of passion. It's a classic.

22. China I, Xiaolu Guo
Love, intrigue, and the east: in the book of Xiaolu Guo's protagonist is a translator who soon finds himself at the center of a mystery: a man has disappeared, there are the letters – in-chinese – that prove it. But no one knows what became of it.

23. The port prohibited, Teresa Root and Stefano Turconi
Best graphic novel ex-aequo with the book Thief to the last Gran Guinigi. It is not only a comic book; it is a tale of intense and intimate, an adventure on paper, black-and-white and the soft shadow, that reminds of the great English novels of the late ’800. Between the sea and the mainland, a story that will captivate you.

24. The sign, Don Winslow
The return of Don Winslow. It is the sequel de the Power of The Dog


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