The 5 inventions that have marked the 2015

Published on Nov 26, 2015
Every year, hundreds of new patents and inventions promise to change the world to make it more efficient, cleaner, or just more technological. Many of these experiments end up in nothing, some become an object, in just a few become a need of the actual for people. As reported the u.s. weekly Time, let's see the 5 inventions tech of 2015-that have marked the course of this year. The “nose” hi-tech gluten-free. Gluten intolerance is a problem for millions of people with celiac disease. Many local people are equipped by proposing a version of the icing of your menu, but the anxiety and the fear of being able to ingest those proteins, they frighten those who suffer from this disease. Now a sensor can examine the food and drinks to exclude the presence of gluten, in just two minutes. Simply insert the food inside the robot, and then wait for the outcome of the analysis: if it appears a smiley face you shall eat of it, otherwise no. In the future, this machinery will be developed to enlarge the spectrum of research to other allergens. The bionic ear. Imagine that you are in the metro, and speak with a friend without hearing the deafening noise of the crowd or the oncoming train. The discovery of the Doppler Labs allows you to wear simple headsets that are able to isolate certain sound frequencies and to exclude them from listening to (or increase it). The perfect solution for everyone, deaf or not. The processor of the headset will sync with a smartphone in such a way as to allow the user to raise or lower the background noise. "Augmented reality audio," said ceo Noah Kraft. The stethoscope 2.0. The new tool is called Eko Core, and can be connected to each of the stethoscope to turn it immediately into a smart device. Synchronized with the smartphone can help the doctor to record the heart rate (for future comparisons) and to discover the anomalies that doctors, during the auscultation, are not able to perceive. The truck is “transparent”. Samsung has developed this prototype in Argentina, where the road is particularly difficult, and full of roads to one lane. The Korean company has mounted four monitors on the back of a autorimorchio connected to a wireless video camera that is located on the front panel, allowing you to see the road beyond the truck. In this way, before overtaking you can check that there are no other machines, thereby avoiding the accident. The pan that teaches you to cook. For novice cooks, this could be the perfect solution. Through an app on your smartphone, you can set the recipe and operate the sensors of the pan which will send real-time data to the phone, which will translate them into directions to the cook. For example, if you are cooking the meat and it is ready to turn, will be the frying pan to tell us about it, or when to remove from heat the fish to prevent it from becoming overcooked.

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