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Published on May 22, 2019


Probably the prey of some sense of guilt for having written an article tear-jerker in which I collected the 10 most difficult moments in One Piece, I started thinking about all of the times I found myself laughing out loud for a few found bizarre or for a scene to be unexpectedly funny, maybe because inserted in a context otherwise dramatic.

So, I considered writing an article to collect some of the funniest moments of One Piece, trying to include a span of time rather extensive, and reaches up to the last saga just ended in the anime, that Whole Cake Island. The purpose of both of these special items is to show and highlight how the writing style of the Master Eiichirō Oda is varied, multifaceted and full of ideas, always interesting to explore.

And now, let's proceed with my brief survey of the 5 among the most hilarious moments in One Piece.

Between highs and lows, the saga of Whole Cake Island us entertained for about two years. A nice amount of time, in which moments of tense, dramatic and often have alternate scenes and fun to read, just as you would expect from the style of Oda.

Between these moments, the one that I remember with most pleasure is the sensational entry into the scene of Luffy at the wedding organized by Big Mom between her daughter Charlotte Pudding, and our cook on board the favourite, Vinsmoke Luffy, to whom is revealed, for the rst time, the true identity in this saga.

Viewers up to that time they only knew that, just before giving way to a plan devised by Capone “Gang” Bege to kill Big Mom's (and which in the following will be deemed the responsibility of the neoincoronato the Fifth Emperor, Monkey D. Luffy), Straw Hat had fallen away to the Forest of Temptation. The reason why he did it is shown, however, a little later: Luffy has gathered together a series of animals to make them transform from Brulee, his prisoner, into copies of itself, which begin to literally sped off in all directions directly from the inside of the cake, the destruction of which will trigger a series of chain reactions that will put the Mugiwara and the same Tottoland in serious danger.

Now, as the consequences of an act so reckless are tragic, the scene itself is one of the most fun we could expect in that context and at that precise moment, thanks to the complete unpredictability of what was going to happen:

Luffy is a guy with very little inclined to reflection, and very, very impulsive, in addition, naively sincere, all of these characteristics are not certain of the aid on the field of battle. One of the most striking examples of how this kid made of rubber can be blatant is his uncontrolled reaction when he hears for the first time, the voice is the sharpest of the colossal Pica, but who are we to judge him? We also laughed at me in the same circumstance, and you'll find yourself having to hold back a laugh, even the hard Zoro, after having reprimanded the Captain for the fact that you don't do that cause his opponents:

This name, so interesting could give the impression that it is a true super robot composed of a main body on which you place other components robotic, just like it happens in the best manga and anime mecha. But who knows, Oda knows how this man does not take himself too seriously, so in reality we are faced with a hilarious parody of the genre: even if the entire assembly is shown as if it were something serious, in fact, the scene itself is ridiculously funny, because this super mecha is not other that our beloved Franky supported by Zoro and Luffy, with Chopper as the headgear and Usopp as an extension of his right arm. But something is wrong...

As will be noted Franky the small Chopper, the right arm will not be hooked! This is due to the failure to participate in the hilarious pantomime of Nico Robin, which you will reject quietly, but decidedly, to be willing to do something that feels deeply humiliating, making the scene even more enjoyable:

Seriously, the few times I have scompisciata laughing watching One Piece as when I first met Duval.

Up to that moment, on the manifest bearing the size of Luffy was not only following his / her surname, that will be revealed much later, in that of Tottoland, but he was also one of his photography, it was decided to overcome this lack, with a portrait to tell the truth definitely rough:

Now, the thing had not been too much of a problem up to this moment, apart from the fact that he did piss off a lot of our Luffy. However, the unexpected occurs like lightning out of a clear sky: that damn portrait has ruined the life of a man, which, however, is not Luffy...

For some time the son of Vinsmoke Judge is chased by a mysterious individual of which is not shown on the face, and wants revenge for some reason Luffy. The reason for this behavior becomes clear when it will be shown on the face of the poor Duval: being in practice, identical to the one that would have to be a faithful portrait of Luffy, the man she spent the last years of his life trying to escape the Marina.

And as if that wasn't enough, the story becomes even more ridiculous when Luffy decides to change the characteristics of Duval to the sound of the kicks to make their life easier, and there will be even much cooler. Unfortunately, however, as each plastic surgery procedure that respects the face of Duval will remain paralyzed partially for a while before this bizarre character can proudly show off his new appearance, without the crash suddenly in a few hilarious face:

Et dulcis in fundo, ladies and gentlemen, the legendary God Usopp in all his glory. There is little to say, here we are facing a masterpiece of the mighty, the funniest scene ever in One Piece.

Setting: Dressrosa. The boys have developed an infallible plan to lose the meaning to Sugar, particularly fond of grapes: one of the beans that is going to swallow has been filled with the deadly tatababasco, insanely spicy. The problem, however, is that the girl (who we remember have 22 years despite the appearance of a girl of 10 due to the effect of the Devil Fruit he ingested, the Hobby Hobby) she was aware of everything, and as a counter hit, decides to try to Usopp his own medicine...

The scene is dramatic, all are in silence and with bated breath waiting for the heroic Usolando is defeated. And instead...

The scene is transformed from tense and dramatic to ridiculous and funny beyond words, with Usopp that spews a column of fire worthy of Ace and Sabo, while the eyes out of the orbits, the writhe to form a spiral, and the expressions of the onlookers and of the same Sugar before befall fainted on the ground are not to be less than:

Of course you put out the Sugar and have so deactivated his power has created not a few problems to Doflamingo, who has decided to start a man hunt with a lot of reward for anyone who brings those who are putting sticks between the wheels. Usopp believed not to be noticed, but in reality, from this moment will be the most wanted man in Dressrosa: after having earned the nickname “God”, our beloved sniper you will see on the head a size of as much as 500 million Berry, the highest ever. And here's to you, in closing, his reaction to this, for him, totally unexpected discovery:

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