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Published on Oct 23, 2019


As we do in all occasions where there is a leaderboard to make, it is proper to make this premise not to alter the minds and sensibilities of those who think differently. This brief ranking of the five best movies of One Piece, to make it clear from the very beginning, in chronological order, from the first feature-length films, to be released today in Italian cinemas, One Piece: STAMPEDE – The Movie.

Then the first on the list is the oldest one, until you get to the most recent. Also if there is to say, that of these five films, three will end up on the podium of preference of who writes to you, and you will discover them by going to the bottom of the article.

Having said that, we leave you to the list of these movies, hoping that they fit in your personal list of preference.

One Piece: For all the gold in the world, is the film released in 2000 directed by junji Shimizu. It is in this ranking as the plot of this film is one of the most exciting among the films output up to now. Last but not least, the opponent that is facing Luffy and his crew is truly one of the most fearsome and powerful.

It is, in fact, the fearsome El Dorago, Pirate of the East Sea at the head of the pirates of the Dorago, who has eaten the fruit of the devil Goe Goe with which he manages, by using her voice to create a devastating wave of destruction. Is an enemy from the impressive appearance and the features of lion that will engage Luffy in a fight rather exhausting, until will not be defeated by the Straw Hat thanks to its special blow Gom Gom Bazooka.

One Piece: The sword of the seven stars, is the fifth film in the saga released in 2004 directed by Kazuhisa Takenouchi. Perhaps the choice of this film will be displeased with someone. But there is a reason if it is in this special ranking. It is one of the few movies in which the main protagonist, who takes most of the scene, including the final battle is Zoro. Unlike all the other films where it is often Luffy to resolve the situation.

In this film the main antagonist is Saga, an old friend of Zoro, that under the influence evil of the sword of the seven stars, to become a warrior powerful that will test the entire Straw Hat crew. As we said, it will be just the swordsman with green hair at the end to defeat in a duel his friend. Broken, then the curse of the sword that kept gripping Saga, the latter will return itself.

One Piece: Adventure on the flying islands (also known as Strong World), is the tenth film in the saga, released in 2009 directed by Munehisa Sakai. Here is, as I said at the beginning, this, and the next two films are on our personal podium of the three best films of the saga, and soon told the reason.

In this film is, in fact, present one of the opponents the most interesting of all the series One Piece. It is Shiki The Golden Lion, that knew even the legendary Gold D. Roger, the future “King of Pirates” and he also tried to persuade him to ally with him. But, when the latter refused, there was a violent clash, which ended only because of a storm in which He found himself with a rudder stuck in the head.

The power of Shiki comes from having eaten the devil fruit Fuwa Fuwa, category Paramisha, with which it can levitate and control it to his liking over anything it touches with its hands.

It is undoubtedly one of the bones the hardest ever met Luffy and his crew. After a long and grueling fight where not enough either mode, Gear Second, Straw Hat will unleash the most powerful Gear Third, which will hit Shiki with her foot thrilled to be a viking, and by defeating him permanently.

One Piece Film: Z is a 2012 movie directed by Tatsuya Nagamine. In our ideal podium, composed, as already said, from these last three films, if you could choose which one to put in the highest position, it is certainly this.

In addition to the interesting solutions narrative that this film has, the strength of this film is the antagonist. Z, whose full name is Zephyr, is an invincible opponent who fights with a mechanical limb, called the Battle Smasher, which allows you to shots tremendous. Luffy confront him multiple times in very violent clashes, but it will be Straw Hat at the end to get worse.

But the charm of this opponent lies not so much in his power, as in its particularity. Zephyr is in fact a character is rather complex. Was an Admiral of the Navy and the instructor of the strongest marine in the saga of One Piece. His life changed when the pirate who killed his wife, his son, and amputò the arm, was appointed a member of the Fleet of 7. Since then, he left the Navy and became the arch-enemy.

It is, therefore, a positive character, who, for reasons of force majeure has passed to the dark side. But in the end of the movie there is of his ransom, in fact, when he discovers his good heart, Luffy, in his way to allow him and his crew to escape from an attack of the Navy.

One Piece Gold, to be released in 2016 and directed by Hiroaki Miyamoto. On the podium this film would ideally be in the lowest rung. Despite the magnificent setting and the plot quite compelling, this film does not stand the comparison with the two previously mentioned, although it got to the higher levels.

In this film you can find also a certain social themes, with an explicit indictment of the world of gambling, that in some countries, such as Japan, represents a serious problem. The main antagonist is Gild Treasure, dubbed the “King of Casino” and is the head of a Great Treasure, a massive ship that is the state itself. On the ship stay mainly rich people and this has given him a wealth equal to 20% of the world.

The enemy of this film is a character from the past rather turbulent, which made the person insensitive and narrow-minded it has become. Has eaten the Fruit Gold Gold that allows him to shape the gold with which it comes in contact as if it were liquid.

The clash between him and Luffy is among the most lengthy and exhausting between all those movies. The challenge ends when Straw Hat, with a shot violent by activating the Gear Fourth, he succeeds in slamming it into the ships of the Navy, where he is promptly arrested.

One Piece: STAMPEDE – The Movie

One Piece: STAMPEDE – The Movie, cinema and directed by Takashi Otsuka. It is true, you are right, the title says the five best film but with this there are six. In fact, not having yet seen at the time of writing this special, we can include it officially in the list of the best films, then, are the five listed above.

But we are sure, already from the premises on the film, which may soon replace one of the five films mentioned in our ranking. From today we can finally find out at the cinema!

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